Baby Bump- My Non Maternity Bathing Suit

I’m sharing my non maternity bathing suit today! I always seem to have my babies at the end of the hot summer… so bathing suits for the long hot summer, that work with my growing bump, are a must. Love the Athena Swimwear Line I found on!

I’m wearing the Festival Stripe Swim Dress  (Size: 6 – Color: blue) I love how it works with my bump but isn’t necessarily a maternity suit! I think this style of bathing suit can be really flattering for girls who are starting to pop out and wanting a comfy but cute suit! swimspot-thebusybudgetingmama

I also got this AMAZINGLY comfy swim cover up. It’s the Finesse Solid Tunic.
(Size: Medium- Color: Black) It’s super lightweight and soft.swimspot2-thebusybudgetingmama

This cover up will be perfect for our beach trip this summer! Going to the OBX with my dad’s side of the family. (our family reunion!!) My bump will be even bigger by then but this cover up is the perfect fit for my growing bump. Perfect for when I want to cover up from the sun or when it gets a little brisk on the beach while the kids play in the sand. swimspot3-thebusybudgetingmama

I was convinced that my bump looked low like micah…
but now that I see these photos I feel like the bump is looking kind of high like the girls!

We have a fun giveaway planned for you guys!
Enter below to win a swimsuit of your choice from!
Up to $150 retail value. Have fun entering and shopping!

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Family Room Progress- Making Our House a Home

We moved into our house Easter Weekend and I’ve been slowly working on making it feel like home! I had little to no budget for a room makeover. So the only things I purchased for this room was the wall paint, the two lamps and the two plants. Everything else came from me shopping our house and boxes of things we had. I’m so happy with how fresh and bright it is and I actually enjoy sitting and folding laundry in this room now. ;) It’s a work in progress…
but I thought I would share how it’s coming together so far!
family room-thebusybudgetingmama

In a perfect world, I could have built ins made for either side of the fireplace, but…that’s not gonna happen right now. So I’m working with what I have! I had ben carry down these two hand me down IKEA dressers we were given by ben’s sister…and had been using in micah’s room. The right dresser still has his clothes in them..but it’s actually SO CONVENIENT having his wardrobe right there. He’s the messy one. haha. I found some leftover blue paint in our closet that I had just unpacked and gave them a fresh coat. (I used 6484 Meander Blue, Sherwin Williams) They are originally a dark brown black color. I originally had planned on putting legs on them..and handles.. but that all costs money and for now.. they are functional and pretty enough! I really needed them because the room needed more light…so I wanted a flat surface for the lamps. I looked at every store for budget friendly lamps. they were all SO expensive..I feel like lamps jumped in price! But I found these two cute blue ones for $12/base and $7/lamp shade.. so I grabbed two of them and called it a day! I love the symmetry…it’s so relaxing! I had a lot of IKEA frames from past houses and grouped together some for either side. One day we’ll mount the tv and hide the cords. ;)
family room2-thebusybudgetingmama

We have our thermostat on the stairway wall of the room and right away
I knew I wanted to camouflage it a bit with some frames.
It’s a work in progress..probably going to add more of the plastic ikea ones below!
All of these frames/prints were used in past houses…
I will probably switch out some but I like the variety and looking back at old photos. :) Especially love the framed love note from ben back in our engaged days.
family room3-thebusybudgetingmama

Our sofas are from IKEA.. Kivik Series. They have been so great. really durable and comfy.
The coffee table is also from IKEA. it’s on wheels and we use it mostly when kids are sleeping or we have company..otherwise the kid’s white IKEA table is in the middle of the room.
It’s just the most functional thing for us right now. We moved our big coffee table into the back shed.
Our rug is from Rugs USA and was originally in the girls’ old room.
Paint on the wall really helped brighten the space up. I did a color match at home depot and of course can’t find the original card..but if you give them these numbers they can match it!
I’ll update the post when I find the card or go back and grab it at the store!
BASE – gln6411
CLRNT:0Z – 384th
CL: 2- 156
DL: 0-216
JL: 0 – 60
family room4-thebusybudgetingmama

The plants were from Lowe’s and I spray painted the one pot with some leftover gold spray paint I had. I also got a little succulent for the white ikea pot on the left dresser.
The candle sticks were wedding gifts from Pottery Barn.
One day I’ll get candles for them haha. Another super functional item in this room is our basket at the fireplace. It’s for diapers and wipes. I think I got it at Home Goods??
family room5-thebusybudgetingmama

Thanks for stopping by and seeing the progress we’ve made in the family room.
I hope it encourages you to use what you have to make your house a home!
I’m not able to buy all new but shopping what we have..doing a few DIY’S and
just plugging in a couple functional new items makes a world of difference for a space!
I’ll hopefully be sharing the playroom soon! It’s coming a long. :)

Creative Ways to get your kids to brush their Teeth + Orajel Sweepstakes!

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I’ve teamed up with Orajel™ Kids to share their Creative ways to get your kids to brush their teeth! My kids go through phases of excitement about brushing teeth.
I love the tips that Orajel shares to get kids interested!


  • Start brushing your Child’s teeth early.
  • Play show and tell with the toothbrush:
    Get down at their level and brush your own teeth. Show them how it’s done!
  • Let them pick their own toothbrush or toothpaste:
    This so works with my kids. They own it and get even more
    excited when it’s something they picked out.
  • Encourage them to brush on their own:
    (Age 2) Let them put the toothpaste on the brush and do it themselves…
    the mess is cleanable! ;)
  • Make a game of brushing teeth:
    Minimum amount of time your children should brush their teeth is 2 minutes.
    It can seem long but if you are playing with them and making it fun you can make it happen! Brush with them and have a contest to who can get the
    most bubbles from brushing!
  • Compliment your child’s brushing:
    You want to help foster a lifelong routine, so use positive reinforcement!
    Maybe even create a sticker chart!


It’s funny because when we first had sophia I remember thinking we have to do the teeth brushing thing with kids! haha. It was helpful to have some pointers and tips and I love how Orajel has all the stages and product to use mapped out for you!
My kids love how they have the fun characters on the container!
Something about the bubble guppies that just makes teeth brushing more fun. ;)

Whether your child is teething, learning to brush, or starting to brush on his/her own, Orajel™ Kids has you covered during every stage of oral development.
They are also offering a coupon code HERE for you guys!

On to the Sweepstakes info!!
Through a Smilestones Birthday Sweepstakes, Orajel™ Kids is offering one lucky winner an Orajel™ Kids product gift pack and the chance to win a $2,000 gift card to use for the ultimate birthday party as they celebrate their next big Smilestone!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel™ Kids.

Baby #4 – 21 Week Bump


I can’t believe we are already here with baby #4!
21 weeks and my bump is large and in charge. Craving Reese’s peanut butter cups + grapes.
Baby is kicking away and finally not causing me horrible constant morning sickness!
I am having HORRIBLE back/hip/sciatic nerve pain. Going to go to a PT to try and get some help with it…It’s painful to sleep these days. and sit and stand. soo.. yeah.
not sure how that’ll get any better as I get bigger without some help!
Had this with micah closer to the end and it went away as soon as he was born!
We love this baby so much already.. And even though random cute old church ladies keep telling us “ohh god bless youu!” (Aka WOW) I’ll take it.. He definitely is blessing us. Bring on the crazy.
{PS. Got this dress at Target 
for $12 on clearance instead of the normal $25!
Just got a $9 black and white stripe dress too. Just as comfy as this one!
Loving these sales and the cartwheel app!
Check your target I’ve gone to a few and found them there! Super comfy!}

We went for an ultrasound this week.
The baby flipped around SO MUCH and was waving his/her arms and legs!
We could have found out what we were having…
but we are waiting!
It’s one of the last big surprises left in life.. so we are gonna hang tight and
wait to find out if we are having a little brother or sister!

I love the arm shot and the cute profile. and the spine shot where you can how the baby is stretching and flipping around! Get your wiggles out now baby cause soon it’s gonna be a little cramped in there ;)

I can always count on ben to keep me laughing, even when I’m exhausted.
haha. goof ball.

Sophia said it looks like a boy baby. ;)
My heart in church almost burst thinking about how we have another little one that’s going to join our family. Will he or she have curly hair like Sophia? Or wavy brown hair like sienna? Wild like Micah or angel baby like Sophia was?

I’m gonna have to learn how to take selfies with one more in the mix.. running out of lap space but practice makes perfect. ;) I can’t wait to snap photos of these sweet ones with the baby… Already melting just thinking about the cuteness! A blog reader commented with a photo on facebook of her 3 with their new baby sibling and it was too adorable! Can’t wait.baby4-21weeks-5thebusybudgetingmama

Cookie bribery at it’s finest for this photo! You have to take the cookie crumbs with the smiles!
The girls are obsessed with my bump. Sometimes a little too much haha.
But I’m trying to be patient and let them feel
my tummy and give the baby smooches..they are just excited.
Every day sophia tells me how much bigger my bump is getting and
then proceeds to tell me how much bigger it’s going to get.
Both Sienna and Micah seem so old these days and I know once
baby arrives they are going to feel even bigger!
We can’t wait to meet you baby #4 :)

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