Creative Ways to get your kids to brush their Teeth + Orajel Sweepstakes!

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I’ve teamed up with Orajel™ Kids to share their Creative ways to get your kids to brush their teeth! My kids go through phases of excitement about brushing teeth.
I love the tips that Orajel shares to get kids interested!


  • Start brushing your Child’s teeth early.
  • Play show and tell with the toothbrush:
    Get down at their level and brush your own teeth. Show them how it’s done!
  • Let them pick their own toothbrush or toothpaste:
    This so works with my kids. They own it and get even more
    excited when it’s something they picked out.
  • Encourage them to brush on their own:
    (Age 2) Let them put the toothpaste on the brush and do it themselves…
    the mess is cleanable! ;)
  • Make a game of brushing teeth:
    Minimum amount of time your children should brush their teeth is 2 minutes.
    It can seem long but if you are playing with them and making it fun you can make it happen! Brush with them and have a contest to who can get the
    most bubbles from brushing!
  • Compliment your child’s brushing:
    You want to help foster a lifelong routine, so use positive reinforcement!
    Maybe even create a sticker chart!


It’s funny because when we first had sophia I remember thinking we have to do the teeth brushing thing with kids! haha. It was helpful to have some pointers and tips and I love how Orajel has all the stages and product to use mapped out for you!
My kids love how they have the fun characters on the container!
Something about the bubble guppies that just makes teeth brushing more fun. ;)

Whether your child is teething, learning to brush, or starting to brush on his/her own, Orajel™ Kids has you covered during every stage of oral development.
They are also offering a coupon code HERE for you guys!

On to the Sweepstakes info!!
Through a Smilestones Birthday Sweepstakes, Orajel™ Kids is offering one lucky winner an Orajel™ Kids product gift pack and the chance to win a $2,000 gift card to use for the ultimate birthday party as they celebrate their next big Smilestone!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel™ Kids.

Baby #4 – 21 Week Bump


I can’t believe we are already here with baby #4!
21 weeks and my bump is large and in charge. Craving Reese’s peanut butter cups + grapes.
Baby is kicking away and finally not causing me horrible constant morning sickness!
I am having HORRIBLE back/hip/sciatic nerve pain. Going to go to a PT to try and get some help with it…It’s painful to sleep these days. and sit and stand. soo.. yeah.
not sure how that’ll get any better as I get bigger without some help!
Had this with micah closer to the end and it went away as soon as he was born!
We love this baby so much already.. And even though random cute old church ladies keep telling us “ohh god bless youu!” (Aka WOW) I’ll take it.. He definitely is blessing us. Bring on the crazy.
{PS. Got this dress at Target 
for $12 on clearance instead of the normal $25!
Just got a $9 black and white stripe dress too. Just as comfy as this one!
Loving these sales and the cartwheel app!
Check your target I’ve gone to a few and found them there! Super comfy!}

We went for an ultrasound this week.
The baby flipped around SO MUCH and was waving his/her arms and legs!
We could have found out what we were having…
but we are waiting!
It’s one of the last big surprises left in life.. so we are gonna hang tight and
wait to find out if we are having a little brother or sister!

I love the arm shot and the cute profile. and the spine shot where you can how the baby is stretching and flipping around! Get your wiggles out now baby cause soon it’s gonna be a little cramped in there ;)

I can always count on ben to keep me laughing, even when I’m exhausted.
haha. goof ball.

Sophia said it looks like a boy baby. ;)
My heart in church almost burst thinking about how we have another little one that’s going to join our family. Will he or she have curly hair like Sophia? Or wavy brown hair like sienna? Wild like Micah or angel baby like Sophia was?

I’m gonna have to learn how to take selfies with one more in the mix.. running out of lap space but practice makes perfect. ;) I can’t wait to snap photos of these sweet ones with the baby… Already melting just thinking about the cuteness! A blog reader commented with a photo on facebook of her 3 with their new baby sibling and it was too adorable! Can’t wait.baby4-21weeks-5thebusybudgetingmama

Cookie bribery at it’s finest for this photo! You have to take the cookie crumbs with the smiles!
The girls are obsessed with my bump. Sometimes a little too much haha.
But I’m trying to be patient and let them feel
my tummy and give the baby smooches..they are just excited.
Every day sophia tells me how much bigger my bump is getting and
then proceeds to tell me how much bigger it’s going to get.
Both Sienna and Micah seem so old these days and I know once
baby arrives they are going to feel even bigger!
We can’t wait to meet you baby #4 :)

Front Porch Snacking

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One of our favorite parts of the new house has to be the outside areas.
We finally have a front porch and a back deck! The kids would be outside all day if I let them,
so snack time on the front porch is always a fantastic idea to them!
My kids love when a sponsored post involves snacks. ;)

I teamed up with Cape Cod® Potato Chips to try out some of their snack options!
The kids were more than happy to taste test them during today’s snack time outside!
We are fans of this brand and usually have their reduced fat chips in our pantry,
but tried out the popcorn for the first time this week.capecod-thebusybudgetingmama

Ben and I opened the bag of Popcorn the other night for an
at home date night aka netflix night. SO GOOD!
(Popcorn has been a pregnancy craving of mine with baby #4.)
We decided we could share with the kids too. ;)
Love offering better-for-you snacks that are made with real ingredients
and actually taste really great.

I brought out the tray for a special snack time and the girls immediately were excited. Anything that looks like a party or tea party is right up their alley.

Micah slammed the strawberries. I mean “bear-wies.”

I think we’ll be enjoying this view all summer.
Sounds like a good plan to me.
Sometimes being inside too long makes everyone go a little stir crazy.
So taking them outside for some fresh air always helps break up our day a bit and keep everyone sane. I’m thankful for a fenced in back yard where they can run wild and get some energy out. We currently have a dirt box..that, with a little love, will be a fantastic sand box!
Whenever we have play time outside…nap time always goes a little smoother.
I’ll take all the help I can get with these cuties. happy snacking!

Try Cape Cod® Potato Chips, now available from your local grocer.
You can also connect with them on their Facebook Page!
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cape Cod® Potato Chips.

Strawberry Picking + How I’m saving my Phone Videos

Today Ben was able to get out of work early! So to celebrate, we went strawberry picking.
The kids loved it! We’ve been talking about doing it all month and finally made it happen.
We spent the car ride home thinking of everything we could make with the strawberries…
but I’m pretty sure we are gonna eat them straight out of the bowl before we have time for that! ;) so yummy! We can have strawberries with every meal in this house. My crew loves fruit..and I’ve been craving fruit this whole pregnancy. It was a fun mid morning adventure!
strawberrypicking-thebusybudgetingmamastrawberrypicking3-thebusybudgetingmama strawberrypicking2-thebusybudgetingmama

I take A LOT of photos with my phone..and have been trying to take more video.
I used to take a ton of video on my phone when sophia was it’s just kind of become habit to snap a photo instead..but lately, the videos I’ve gotten have
been so previous I want to have them forever! I feel like micah is getting so big..and with baby #4 coming I want to make sure I capture all these moments when they are little!
I’m using QuickFlics as a way to get the photos and videos off of my phone
and onto a jump drive or dvd! It’s the best service!

Here’s some video footage we took today that I can’t wait to have on a dvd and watch with the kids! We also have a ton of random moments that crack me up. I’ll be happy to build up a little dvd collection of all these phone videos!

Once you download the app, you choose your media (flash drive or dvd)
Choose your plan: 8.99/monthly auto bill plan. You can start, pause, resume, or cancel your service anytime. $11.99/single one-time purchase. There’s no commitment, ever.

Then they get them in the mail within 1 week! Yay!

They gave me a code for all of you to try for free!
(you just cover the $3.99 or less shipping!)
You can find out more and get the QuickFlics app HERE.
Enjoy and thanks QuickFlics for the discount code!

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