One Pan Chicken Marsala Recipe

I don’t know if this is an “official” Chicken Marsala recipe…but it’s AMAZING.
I make it when I want something that tastes like I spent forever cooking it,
but in reality it is a sinch to whip up. I’m not even joking… this recipe is a one pan wonder.
Two if you count the plate you put the chicken on while you add the sauce in but let’s not get so technical.
I could eat this every night. With rice and veggies.. so good!
You’ll impress yourself with your amazing culinary skills… and you should definitely make this for company because it’s fancy looking and pretty much fail proof. Some simple delicious ingredients, combined, make it so yummy! On to the recipe! ::forward march pose:: (I don’t know. this is the problem with late night posting.)

chicken marsala-thebusybudgetingmama

(the busy budgeting mama way)
4 (or more) Thin sliced Chicken Breasts
Canola Oil
1/2 cup Marsala Wine
8 ounce Baby portabellas (if you want!..I don’t always use them)
1 Shallot, chopped
1 cup Chicken Broth
Salt + Pepper
1/4 Cup Maple Syrup
2 sprigs fresh rosemary (super important!)

+Preheat oven to 375 degrees
+Turn on medium high heat on pan.
+Chop the shallots. If you don’t cook with them. start. so good!
+Salt Chicken.
+Add canola Oil once pan is hot
+Add chicken to pan to sear. (it’s thin so it’ doesn’t take too long to cook in general, the more you cook here the quicker it will be in the oven.)
+Remove seared/mostly cooked chicken to a pan.
+Turn down heat + add shallots (and mushrooms if you want.)
+Stir around and add in Marsala and let reduce for a couple minutes.
+Add syrup and chicken broth.
+Return Chicken to pan + add fresh rosemary sprigs.
+Instagram the amazingness.
+Put lid on pan and place in oven for 10 minutes or so.. just till it’s cooked through!
Don’t forget lid is hot!….. not that I’ve ever done that.
+I usually make a bag rice while it’s in the oven and put that right into the pan!
Let the juice get all mixed in!
The longer it sits in the juice..the more heavenly it becomes.



Sleeping Dad Series

You can’t fall asleep with a cute baby on your
chest around here without it being documented. haha.
From these pictures you would think that ben sleeps all the time…
he is just really good at falling asleep within minutes
and the kids can’t resist a comfy dad to sit on.
It’s a new hashtag on my instagram feed…haha. #sleepingbenseries
I know I’m not the only mama who has a million photos of her hubby like this!
I think I have ONE of me sleeping with a kid on me.
Although, after this post, I might be seeing some unflattering
sleeping photos of me on my husband’s instagram feed…
He might take this as a challenge. uh oh. haha.
I can’t handle the cuteness in these photos though.. I love them.


The most recent sneak attack photo…
and one of my very very favorites… :)

unnamed (1)

Hope all of you are having a great week so far!
If you haven’t been on my INSTAGRAM lately… be sure to check
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Cute Hot Dog Sugar Cookies

This past fourth of July I was in charge of bringing some desserts for our family’s cook out! I had seen this idea on pinterest months ago and knew I wanted to try it!
These Hot Dog Sugar Cookies would be perfect for a summer backyard cook out
or a baseball party or shower theme! They are just really fun and festive.


Ben was counting down till the #pinterestfail moment to happen with this one…
Which..yes… it happened. haha.
These look nothing like the photo I saw on pinterest. I think it’s because I used store bought sugar cookie dough instead of making from scratch.
Mine ended up much flatter and longer than the image I saw.
But I was happy with how they ended up! And they were EASY and
FAST to make. Which was perfect because
I had no time and little fireworks crazed kids at my ankles.

STEP ONE - make the dough and form little “bun” looking
cookies with an indent for the hot dog
STEP TWO – add some red food coloring to a portion of the
sugar cookie dough to make the hot dogs.
STEP THREE – Form red dough into hot dogs and place on the buns!
STEP FOUR – use a knife to draw lines at the end of the hot dogs
for the casing. It just looks more real.
STEP FOUR – Bake as directed, but keep an eye on them
so they don’t go too brown, also if they flatten out, like they did for me…. just pull them out and use a knife to smoosh the sides back into each other to form the bun again.
I did that a couple times and it ended up being fine!
NOT like the pictures I saw on pinterest..but this is how it worked for me and a bag of store bought cookie dough. It works but you have to smoosh them back together occasionally so they harden in that shape. (even after you pull them out of the oven)
STEP FIVE – Once the cookies cool down, use yellow frosting to add some mustard to your cookies. You could also use coconut for onions and red icing for ketchup!
I used the cake mate icing tube from the grocery store instead of making my own (saved time and dirty dishes) and put on one of my decorating tips to get the size I wanted.


Tag me on instagram if you ever end up making these!!
would love to see :)
The little cousins loved them but so did the adults!


I met Kristin via instagram..when we connected and she ended up coming over to help pack up HAPPY MOMMY BOXES in my living room. She was awesome. She is one of the two girls behind GO SHOUT LOVE. You can read more about their story on their about page.. but the goal of GO SHOUT LOVE is to create an easy and accessible way for people to help families who are walking through hard times.
It all started when they helped Nella(who was diagnosed with SMA type 1) via their personal blogs and instagrams…and had such a great response! Now they have a website where they regularly have featured families they are helping.

I couldn’t agree more with them that people should be rising up and raising their voices for these children..helping raise money for their hospital bills and help bring awareness to their cause! These sweet little ones voices can be heard through us!

GO SHOUT LOVE does a dance challenge across social media..where you can post your video dancing for whoever they are sharing at the time.. Right now the featured family is David, Katie and their daughter Paisley and their hashtag is #idanceforpaisley. More info  on their story is here.
But people can post videos on social media..or challenge people to post videos and donate if they do it. So when I was challenged by nella’s mama..oh man. it was on! ;)


We posted PART ONE and PART TWO on Instagram
but you can see the full version below.
It made my day that paisley’s grandma commented on the video loving it.. a long with paisley’s mom. I hope that it brought a smile to their face during some days that can be long and hard. I hoe that they feel the love and joy from those posting who are gathering together to lift them up and spread their story.

I seriously am just loving what Kristin and GO SHOUT LOVE are doing
and super proud of them. Go check them out and if you do a dance video..tag me!!!

During Micah’s nap time I asked the girls if they wanted to dance in the shower.
Sienna did it once but was more interested in the bandaids and mommy’s makeup in the bathroom. Sophia…oh man she was all about it. She cracked up and begged to do it like 5 times. it was so sweet and It made my heart happy seeing how she wanted to make others happy by putting this up! We are total goofballs.

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