Chocolate Dipping Exchange- Awesome as it sounds.

A friend of mine hosted this get together..
it was a play date....from HEAVEN!
I had never heard of, or even thought of, doing
a Chocolate Dipping Exchange Party (playdate)
But it's genius. Colleen, (I know you read this....) you're a genius!! ;)

It was really fun seeing what everyone showed up with to dip!
We chatted..melted chocolate..made yummy treats and
while everything dried the kids kept playing and the moms kept talking.
then at the end everyone packaged up a portion of each to take home!
Thanks Colleen for hosting such a fun party idea!
You should all try this.. it was cool. and yummy.

I brought E.L. Fudge Cookies..
because they are sorta like oreos..but something different.
Amazingness.. that's all I can say. and they were eaten very fast. that too.


  1. OMG this is such a fun idea!!! I totally might have to copy this.

  2. I would have had a hard time not eating these while I was making them! They look delicious--what a great idea!

  3. I loved your 'cardboard castle'....I would like to try that for my Sunday school class. I teach a toddler class and Im sure that would be a big hit! lol.....I have made several things with cardboard to teaching tools and one thing I did that made cutting the cardboard a breeze, was using an 'electric knife' to cut the shapes through the cardboard. I just drew the outline/shape of what I needed and used the electric knife to cut it went so fast...thought you might like that idea as well. I love you page site and Im getting so many wonderful ideas from you. Thank you and God bless!

  4. Love this idea! Want to do it for Valentine's day. How did you handle the time for letting the chocolate harden before taking it home?

    1. You would be surprised..they dry pretty quick! We let the kids play and packed them up with wax paper.

  5. In Lieu of doing a cookie Exchange AGAIN (our tenth annual) as the hostess I decided it would be more fun to do something interactive while sipping wine and having food from an Antipasto bar I will make.
    I thought of having this kind of a party, so I Goggled it and here it is!! Thank you for the pictures and the ideas I was also thinking of going to do some dried apricots and bananas
    My question is did you add anything to the chocolate? I have read different comments and ideas on line.

    1. I can't remember anything specific! But I have sometimes used Canola Oil when dipping oreos. I find they turn out smoother. but not too much! have fun!!


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