I was told it's almost time to get botox...

This year has been wonderful. beautiful.
filled with more tears than I wished..
but filled with plenty of laughter and smiles to help me get through those days.
I'm happy with where I am in life..
and feeling passionate and excited about the projects and adventures ahead!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes.. it's gonna be hard to top my 28 yr old brother singing a Happy Birthday Voicemail to me and sounding SA-weet...but I felt the love.

Feeling very blessed and thankful for the past 26 years!
Wanting to take advantage of each day I'm given..and LIVE life.

Even if life consists mainly of days like this...... :)
ps. I'm not getting botox..
yet? ;)


  1. Happy belated birthday! Hope you have a great one!!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Enjoy your birthday week!

    P.S. Botox???! You can't think about that yet!

  3. You are most definitely far too young for botox ;] You have many years ahead of you!

  4. Happy {belated} birthday, Natalie!! Hope you had an awesome day! And you are far from needing botox ;)

  5. Happy bday! I have been reading you blog for a while now but never commented. I´m a 30 year old (no botox for me yet, thank you very much lol)working mom with a 4 year old princess and a little peanut on the way (9 weeks pregnant), and I just loveeee everything about your blog. I hope you keep it going! :)
    BTW, I used a lot of your party ideas on my little one´s last bday.... Thanks! Mari Krumholtz

  6. haha i'm turing 38 (yikes) in april and 6 kids later no botox here....i think having babies keeps us young....I think I'm as young as I'm gonna get

  7. Happy belated birthday to you Catherine!!

    Judging from your beautiful smile & non-wrinkled face...you definitely are not in need of botox or anything of that matte;)

    Hoping you had a fabulous day of celebrating!!

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  9. Seeing from your pictures, I don't think you need Botox just yet. Talk to a plastic surgeon Orange County soon for recommendations.

  10. Botox can definitely help to reduce wrinkles and will make you look younger. But I have to say you look very pretty. You're gorgeous.

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  11. There's nothing wrong with getting Botox, it seems that everybody's getting one.
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