VLOG-Celebrating Motherhood & Sunday Blessings

Sienna is sleeping.. Sophia is next to me..
ben is on the other couch watching the football game.
enjoying our lazy sunday.

brownie cookie oreo amazingness is in the oven.
kevin and amanda..you will be the 45 extra pounds of me……… 
Gifting Desserts is my excuse to bake up dangerously delicious treats like this!
Sneak a couple and pass it on..that’s the only way this recipe is possible. haha.

Today was a day I was able to slow down and enjoy life..
Sophia said a lot “this is a fun day. this is relaxing”..haha. and she’s right! :)
I’ve been thinking about Shannon a lot today..but not in a sad way..more in a “OMG there is something at work in our lives more greater than us or than we could ever know!” Kinda of an in awe of God day for me. and that she gets to BE WITH HIM. I think this is a blessing..because I usually am just sad when I think of shannon. I was on an Aldi’s run earlier today with sienna..and this song came on K Love.. it’s been a favorite of mine.. I was singing it out for my sienna ;) It’s beautiful. and makes me want to praise. and I’m usually not a hand in the air kinda girl.
but it moves me and really gives me peace.
You should watch this video about the song…

This week has been a bit wild with the girls..
I will quote my husband to sum it all up…
BEN: “Doesn’t it feel like the girls take turns being tough for a day..
but ever so often they are like..let’s do this!”
haha.. baby/toddler were teaming up on us parents this week.
it’s mutiny.

I figured out another official baby rule: If mom sits. sit on her.
I had to give up on getting any work done a few days this week…
and just GO WITH IT. So blessed to have these two sweeties..
Celebrate Motherhood!

song in video by B Reith – “Antidote”

Happy Sunday!

The Busy Budgeting Mama

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  1. Lane
    January 16, 2012 at 12:04 am (3 years ago)

    I LOVE the video! So precious!!! It’s a great reminder to just HAVE FUN. :)


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