Happy New Year! - Resolutions

Tonight at dinner we went around saying our new year resolutions....
Sophia's(4): "Celebrate more!" ;) (and learn her numbers and clean her room)
Sienna's(2): potty train! (that might have been a suggestion but she is pretty excited about it. hehe.)
Mine: BE in the moment more.. figure out a system to stay on top of the house stuff better.
Ben's: Do lots of fun stuff with the kids. spend less money.

And....... I started my gym membership back up and ready to go back post baby!
I love to run on the treadmill and watch downtown abbey..
when I finished watching the past two seasons the gym lost it's fun factor...
glad it's coming back on!



  1. Happy New Year! Health to you and your family! Inspiration and forces: )

  2. i had a giggle at ur hubs....thats what mine said!!!

  3. I watch Downton Abbey while running on the treadmill too! Clearly I don't do it enough though ;) I'm trying to slow down a bit this year and spend a little more time taking care of myself (health - both physical and mental) so I'll be on the treadmill a bit more :)


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