SIck Babies

Day after Christmas was a little rough.. we had 2 sick babies in the house.
Sienna threw up ALL DAY. She couldn’t keep anything down..
She slept the whole day on the couch. which is very strange because
this girl is a non stop mover. it was so sad.
And Micah has croup or the cold sienna had last week. (but no fever)
We had to take a trip to the doctor’s office fast in the morning before the snow storm hit!
Luckily they weren’t too worried about micah so we didn’t have to go to childrens’ hospital.
One of the hardest parts of being a parent is seeing your child sick!
It makes me so grateful for the healthy days.
Luckily Sienna is feeling way better today. Still out of it but not throwing up.
Via instagram I saw a lot of you are in the same boat with sick babies!
Something about this season that gets everyone sick. no fun.
Yesterday I just kept going from holding one sick baby or the other….
Thank goodness Sophie felt ok and was an ANGEL all day.
It’s like she knew mom and dad needed her to be good!!
She was such a sweetie to her sick brother and sister.
Micah looked like he was feeling better yesterday evening..
but today his little coughs work him up ever so often. poor thing.
Hoping that it goes away soon so he can relax and be comfortable again.
He is such a good baby though..even when he is sick he is pretty easy to console.
Wishing you a happy HEALTHY week and New Year! ;)
And safe travels to anyone on their way home!

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