2013 Gift Guide - Favorites I already own or want to gift!

I feel like I'm showing up late to the party!
I have been on Amazon a few times..but today I officially got hooked!!
I added a bunch of things to my favorites list. I also added items that
I already have and love in case you would want to check them out too.
I plan on pulling from my favorites list to do my Christmas shopping.
Feeling a little ahead of the game here!

My 2013 Gift Guide is a mix of small and big brands!
Each item is linked below! Pin the graphics and pull them back up when
you are wanting to do some Christmas Shopping.
I LOVE my (1)Le Creuset Pan. It's like a rite of passage in our family for all the girls. Our grandma gives each of us one. (2)The Pioneer Woman's Cookbook is on my must get list! (ben are you reading this? ;) Two words.. NINJA COOKIES. I absolutely loveddd these (3)ninja cookie cutters. We need these. I want everyone I know to have these they are so funny!
(4)Keurig Family here. Love the cafe mochas! But also love the My (7)K-Cup reusable coffee filter. (5)I'm a big crock-pot fan. Love this one with the handles and secure lid. genius.
(6) Mini muffin cupcake pan! ;) I use this for lots of recipes. (8) I really want to get the
Food Face Plates for the girls. They love when I make "Happy Lunches" So this
would be right up their alley. I cook in the kitchen a lot with my laptop open for the
recipe.. having it up on my ipad above all the mess would be great! this
(9)under the counter mount is perfect.

All of these pretties I own. And I love. So I had to share!
(1)This teardrop necklaces if one of my most complimented pieces I own! Caroline G. Shop has some beautiful options and colors! (2)All My Heart Shop sent me this personalized hand stamped necklace..isn't it cute?!?
(3) The Shine Project  bracelet I match up this one with other gold pieces I have. simple and pretty pop of color. (4) Lisa Leonard is a sweetheart..and I love this golden wind chime necklace of hers! It fells really good too. I love anchors..so when I spotted this sweet and simple (5)anchor necklace from Molly Suzannes I had to have it. 

These are all things we might already own..or that I thought were just so cute...
or that my girls squealed over as they sat on me while I hunted on amazon. haha.

(1)A SMOKER! I think this would be fun to have...think it's a good "man gift" ;)
(2) I have and love the Canon Rebel t1i  and 3. I regularly use the 50mm lense.
We have the iGuy Case for the girls' iPad(we got their ipad on craigslist)  We use the
(5) Soundbar in our basement entertainment center and our (6)wireless speaker is
in our kitchen. for kitchen dance parties of course.

For all of my blogging and small business owners out there...
Here's some great ideas to gift yourself or others with!
Some practical and some just pretty to help you feel inspired.
1. My brother wrote this great e-book. It's filled with tips and strategies.
I really want to learn more about what to do AFTER I post a video!
Big bro is passing on his wisdom ;)
2. 3. 4. 5. 6. I love my Eat Blog Love Mug. it's shiny and cute. 7.

I love making our house a home! All of these are things we either
have in our house or  I WANT to have them in our house!
(The rug is the one we have in our family room just a smaller size!
they have lots of color and size options.)


  1. Everything I would like to have :) -- itsthehappymamablog.blogspot.com

  2. did you have micah's birthday party yet?

  3. loooove your gift guides! Thank you for sharing your great taste:)!!


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