I'm 28!

I love the seasons... they really are so beautiful.
But I'm ready for warmth. :) Just a few degrees warmer please... haha.
Although January is cold..and is the month I'm ready for the snow to be overrr..
something awesome does happen in january....It's my birthday! woot woot!

This past friday I turned 28.
And I did what all the cool 28 yr olds are doing...
Went to Chuck E Cheese!

I share a birthday with my 3 yr old niece, so we partied it up at chuck e cheese.
It was fun seeing my little ones smile and laugh with their cousins.
Chuck E even sang and brought me a cake. jealous? I know.
We only eat fancy cakes over here.

We also made a trip to IKEA and cruised around working up some future projects.
Sienna FINALLY was past the yellow line, so the girls tried out the magical forest.
They had a blast. and it was kinda nice only wrangling 1 child through the store instead of 3. :)
Ben was sneaky and surprised me with a gift that I had been
wanting for months and months..
A light kit! I'm so happy!!! I can't wait to try it out with upcoming video projects!
best husband ever.
Although Chuck E Cheese was enough for me, we did a small birthday dinner
with friends last night and it was so fun and refreshing!
I'm blessed with some great friendships!

I'm SOO excited for this year. I am feeling positive and excited
and slightly overwhelmed. haha.
I have some big dreams and really want to make things happen for our family.
I'm also excited about the #30daymommybootcamp I've decided to do!
I'll share more on that later this week including a grocery and
recipe list for a 2 week healthy meal plan!
I've already been able to see a difference by making some changes in my lifestyle.
Can't wait to share details and hope you join in on trying to be a better example to 
our kids of a healthy balanced life!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes via social media this weekend!
It was a good one. I even got to take a shower without kids trying to bust in.
it's the little things... ;)


  1. Ooh! What kit did you get? I've been eyeing one up!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Chuck e cheese is for grown ups too, I think I have more fun than my kids when we go! lol! And I feel you on the seasons, I will be so happy for it to be warm again.

  3. A fabulous Happy Birthday to you! My 28th was Saturday! :)

  4. Happy Birthday! I'll be the same age this Friday.

  5. There is nothing like a birthday to give you that extra inspiration and energy :-} Glad it was a fun one! Happy 28!

  6. happy birthday, although it's a little bit too late...


  7. We are totally filming videos when I come!! :)

  8. nice! did ben put it in your happy mommy box for your birthday? you should film it with that new set up! would love to see a blog post on your favorite position!


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