Girls’ Weekend in Charlotte!

Ladies my heart is so encouraged as I write this!
This past weekend I got a boost I needed…having a weekend of girl time!
Mandy, my friend and business partner, came into town for a “work” trip and we had a blast!
We worked hard, played hard and ate ice cream.. hard.
It was just what I was needing and really helped me get out of my head
during my recovery and focus on great friendship and the awesome things we
are planning with HAPPY MOMMY BOX!

I’m so excited and hopeful for the community I’ve already found here in Charlotte.
I planned a last minute get together via instagram for charlotte locals who wanted to meet up
for pizza and froyo with Mandy and I! More photos below!

Our whole crew was so excited about Mandy coming, so we all went to the airport!
Carrie was also able to drive in for the night before the meet + greet!
Sienna asked every day “MOM, are your girls coming yet??” haha.
On friday we had a fun girls’ night of mexican, target shenanigans and ice cream!
I would like to add that we got “scolded” by a teenage target worker for being too wild.
(carrie and mandy were bouncing balls) We felt pretty good about our bad selves.

Saturday was the Meet + Greet and it was so fun!
Here’s a shot of the lovely ladies who joined us for some chatting, instagraming and eating.
pretty much the best combo ever.
Of course we had to do the Mandy face for one photo.
(pictured below-not in order) Rachel, Steph, Gena, Stacy, Rachel, Lexi, Erica, Valerie, Carrie

 Mandy brought her fancy new camera so of course… we took photos!
my sister joined in and snapped some of us while she had a baby on her hip.

Carrie is such an amazing person and always wanting to make people smile.
That means she will arrive at your house with a trunk full of balloons for your littles.
immediately becoming their favorite person in the world.
Micah had a bit of a crush on Mandy. I’m pretty sure she was instagraming out how she was going to try and take him home with her. what’s one more boy?

Mandy lives in a sad sad city that doesn’t have Chick-Fil-A.
Yes, let’s all weep for them.
So of course we took a trip. ben get on in this.
I’m kindaaa excited that Rachel lives down the street from me.
She texted me the saturday night inviting us to her church where her husband is the worship leader.
Of course we said YES! It was awesome and we plan on going back again!
Great speaker, music and community feel at Ridge Church!

Mandy and I LOVED being able to have Starbucks dates and work TOGETHER…
in the same STATE! We got so much done..and think we need to plan more of these trips.
like immediately. next “meeting” should be on a beach.

So blessed and grateful for this girl!
She really inspires me so much and I have the blog world to
thank for bringing us together!
My mom made a comment to me, one of the nights
Mandy was here, of how she reminded her of shannon a lot.
I had said that to her back when I first was becoming friends with Mandy.
God really is so kind to us. Putting people in our life that help us to be better us-es.
We set out with HAPPY MOMMY BOX to encourage and inspire mamas and I
really feel like that mission is at work in our own relationship and just
pours out into our work with our company!
Officially trying to plan a summer vacation together so I don’t have to wait
till the Influence conference to hang out again!
We both were asked to speak on their Strategy Panel and CAN’T WAIT!
Are you going to the conference?? Come hang out with us in Indy in September!!!

The Busy Budgeting Mama

2 Comments on Girls’ Weekend in Charlotte!

  1. Rachel Joyce
    April 3, 2014 at 12:19 pm (1 year ago)

    I started following your blog just a week or two ago because Mandy mentioned that you were in Charlotte. I live in Matthews and work in Charlotte. We’re considering checking out Ridge Church–so I’m glad to hear from someone that has been a visitor has enjoyed it. I’m excited to find another local blogger–I blog over at ! Have a great day.

  2. Kerri@ Elbow Deep in Someone Else's Sh*t
    April 6, 2014 at 9:13 pm (1 year ago)

    Looks like fun, I wish I lived closer to Charlotte :) I love Happy Mommy Box and can’t wait to see what else you guys have in store for it!


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