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Family Room Progress- Making Our House a Home

We moved into our house Easter Weekend and I’ve been slowly working on making it feel like home! I had little to no budget for a room makeover. So the only things I purchased for this room was the wall paint, the two lamps and the two plants. Everything else came from me shopping our house and boxes of things we had. I’m so happy with how fresh and bright it is and I actually enjoy sitting and folding laundry in this room now. ;) It’s a work in progress…
but I thought I would share how it’s coming together so far!
family room-thebusybudgetingmama

In a perfect world, I could have built ins made for either side of the fireplace, but…that’s not gonna happen right now. So I’m working with what I have! I had ben carry down these two hand me down IKEA dressers we were given by ben’s sister…and had been using in micah’s room. The right dresser still has his clothes in them..but it’s actually SO CONVENIENT having his wardrobe right there. He’s the messy one. haha. I found some leftover blue paint in our closet that I had just unpacked and gave them a fresh coat. (I used 6484 Meander Blue, Sherwin Williams) They are originally a dark brown black color. I originally had planned on putting legs on them..and handles.. but that all costs money and for now.. they are functional and pretty enough! I really needed them because the room needed more light…so I wanted a flat surface for the lamps. I looked at every store for budget friendly lamps. they were all SO expensive..I feel like lamps jumped in price! But I found these two cute blue ones for $12/base and $7/lamp shade.. so I grabbed two of them and called it a day! I love the symmetry…it’s so relaxing! I had a lot of IKEA frames from past houses and grouped together some for either side. One day we’ll mount the tv and hide the cords. ;)
family room2-thebusybudgetingmama

We have our thermostat on the stairway wall of the room and right away
I knew I wanted to camouflage it a bit with some frames.
It’s a work in progress..probably going to add more of the plastic ikea ones below!
All of these frames/prints were used in past houses…
I will probably switch out some but I like the variety and looking back at old photos. :) Especially love the framed love note from ben back in our engaged days.
family room3-thebusybudgetingmama

Our sofas are from IKEA.. Kivik Series. They have been so great. really durable and comfy.
The coffee table is also from IKEA. it’s on wheels and we use it mostly when kids are sleeping or we have company..otherwise the kid’s white IKEA table is in the middle of the room.
It’s just the most functional thing for us right now. We moved our big coffee table into the back shed.
Our rug is from Rugs USA and was originally in the girls’ old room.
Paint on the wall really helped brighten the space up. I did a color match at home depot and of course can’t find the original card..but if you give them these numbers they can match it!
I’ll update the post when I find the card or go back and grab it at the store!
BASE – gln6411
CLRNT:0Z – 384th
CL: 2- 156
DL: 0-216
JL: 0 – 60
family room4-thebusybudgetingmama

The plants were from Lowe’s and I spray painted the one pot with some leftover gold spray paint I had. I also got a little succulent for the white ikea pot on the left dresser.
The candle sticks were wedding gifts from Pottery Barn.
One day I’ll get candles for them haha. Another super functional item in this room is our basket at the fireplace. It’s for diapers and wipes. I think I got it at Home Goods??
family room5-thebusybudgetingmama

Thanks for stopping by and seeing the progress we’ve made in the family room.
I hope it encourages you to use what you have to make your house a home!
I’m not able to buy all new but shopping what we have..doing a few DIY’S and
just plugging in a couple functional new items makes a world of difference for a space!
I’ll hopefully be sharing the playroom soon! It’s coming a long. :)

TV Unit Play Kitchen DIY: Project Update!

I wanted to update you guys on how our TV Unit Play Kitchen DIY is coming a long!
Slow and steady wins the race…right? ;)
We found this baby on craigslist and payed $20 for it.
Totally worth the price. the bones are great!
So far I went to Home Depot and had them cut a piece of inexpensive plywood to
fit the back of the entertainment center… and another piece for the fridge door.
Now we aren’t doing your typical kitchen with a sink, because my girls
already have the ikea play kitchen and asked for space to chop and cook. (hahaha.)
They know what they want. more countertop space. ;)
So we are pretty much doing this DIY custom to what the kids want/are missing
when they play kitchen. But if this was your only kitchen set up, you could easily
add in a sink to the left area. The bottom part is going to be an oven on the left
and on the right storage space for their food and dishes.

Someone in this house is going to get the subway tile I love!!
Even if it’s a faux subway tile for their play kitchen. ;)
I painted the entire unit white and then certain areas we painted green.
(the color we are currently painting our family room.)
I love the color combo!
To create the subway tile I just made up a template using card stock paper…
and then traced it with a pencil on my background. Then went back over it with
a black sharpie pen with a ruler! I was trying not to worry too much
about being perfect in this area….it’s a play kitchen.PLAY KITCHEN2-THEBUSYBUDGETINGMAMA

Another fun detail we are planning for their play kitchen, is to add a mailbox!
We once made a cardboard mailbox…and I’ve been eyeing the toy mailboxes…
But while creating the entire playroom space, I thought how cute would it be to have REAL mailbox. So I looked at home depot and lowes first:
way crazy expensive for what I needed it for.
Looked at K-Mart… found this one for 6 bucks! grabbed that baby up.
The girls have been delivering mail to each other all afternoon while micah napped.
Not sure how we are gonna mount it yet…
but I’m pretty excited it. and so are they. :)PLAY KITCHEN3-THEBUSYBUDGETINGMAMA

I can’t wait to finish the playroom… I want a room that really encourages imaginative play.
It’s pretty much going to be their own mini house!
(Can I just take a DIY break and say how awesome garage sales are?! We found that top and skirt this weekend for 50 cents each! Sophia LOVES them and I love not spending a fortune on a wardrobe that she is constantly growing out of. She’s getting so tall!)

I found this cute towel at the dollar tree! HAD to get it. it’s so cute…
I’m putting up a towel rod and something else on this side of the kitchen.
The girls are obsessed…
and immediately started planning a lemonade stand when they saw it.

Thanks for following a long as we create this fun play kitchen project for the kids!
I’ll be sharing more of the details soon.. Just spray painted the fridge door…
It’s silver, “like grandma’s” haha.

Hope you had a great day!

DIY Inspiration for my TV Cabinet Play Kitchen

In our new house we have a room designated for toys. An official play room!
and It really bugs me that the play kitchen area doesn’t have a fridge and more countertop space… ;) JK. But really, I love watching the kids use their imaginations and play together. They love playing kitchen and I love getting crafty so I knew I wanted to try and find an old TV Cabinet to make over and give them more play area to pretend in! I really want to add a laundry set up too, since micah constantly talks about washing doggie (his stuffed animal that goes EVERYWHERE with us. and gets bathed as much as my kids.) I would love to have a market set up too.. and let them practice using their money and buying the ingredients. I just love the whole idea of fostering this type of real life pretend play!

So here’s our sweet baby that we picked up off craigslist for $20. It was listed for $35 and Ben thinks we could have gotten it cheaper, but I didn’t want to haggle any less than that because I felt it was worth it. It’s sturdy and the perfect bones for this project!

Maybe you have thought about taking on this type of project too!
Here’s some inspiration for the both of us!
play kitchen inspiration-thebusybudgetingmama

First one is by a local Charlotte girl who I love following on instagram!
Charming Charlotte created this adorable kitchen for her little girl!
I think I need to add on the ironing board to ours…so cute!

I ADORE this bakery set up by My Simple Obsession. So chic!
My girls would flip over the cookie sheets. I’m going to stop by my dollar tree and grab some for their kitchen for sure! Perfect for them to pop their felt cookies in the oven on!

Love this cute bright play kitchen by Debbie for eHow!
Check out her post for what’s on the other side! soo cute!

Love this one by Giggleberry Creations.
My girls think it’s so fun to have both the fridge and freezer.
I can’t wait to see them put their food away in theirs!
(Yay for hiding all the play food!)

The light above is just too much! Andrea Dekker created this one for her little girl.
My girls would love this. I love the magnetic door too. That would be used for playing house and playing school… they take turns being the teacher and
I can see them using that as the lesson board ;) I overhear them saying things
I have heard grandma say to them. hehe. so cute.
10761336596_197f7c1af0 (1)

I love this play kitchen by Sutton Grace.
The color is fun..the nice countertop space…
and the “stainless steel appliances” are so cute!

This play kitchen by Southern Revivals is absolutely adorable!
love it all especially the chalkboard door and the magnet sheets on the fridge!

I hope you are feeling inspired!
I can’t wait to share how our DIY Play kitchen comes a long!

24 Party Food Stations – Inspiration!

I love Party Food Stations!
They can save you lots of time and money!
There are so many different fun bar and station ideas. Here’s a round up of 25 fantastic ones!
These would be great for any type of party. Everyone loves to be able to feed themselves
and they can be a fun conversation starter for guests!
Party Food Stations can help simplify your party planning by
having you focus in on one category of food.
They can also help give you a beautiful design element by having it themed in one direction.
It’s pleasing to the eye to see a bunch of yummy donuts all stacked up! ;)
give me all the donuts.
Have fun and hope you feel inspired in your party(big or small) planning!
Party Food Stations+Bars-TheBusyBudgetingMama

Love this Burrito Bowl Bar by The Handmade Home.
That yarn and felt tassel is too perfect!

Mac & Cheese Bar sounds like heaven to me!
This cute one is by Krystal Kitsch.

I absolutely love this Caramel Apple Bar by Craftberry Bush and
the tips to keeping the apples from turning brown!

A burger/hotdog station by Savvy! Looks yummy! 4ee1499c36054a8e2c6fbca90954e4b2

I think these strawberry shortcake jars would be so cute at a brunch baby shower!
Such a cute rehearsal party shared on Style Me Pretty.

Love this display by How Does She for the donuts at her party!
So smart and the kids freaked I’m sure!

I think a party food station of cute tea sandwiches would be so pretty for a shower.
Love the variety! Shared on Eat Show and Tell.

A classic party food station…a cookie table!
yes please. Love the stands used in this display shared on Style Me Pretty

Fun Taco Bar by Paper and Party Love.
I think the bags of chips are so cute! and the clay post and
planters to hold the food dishes are perfect!

I kind of love popcorn with chocolate mixed in.
So loving this Popcorn bar with all the sweets by Family Fresh Meals.

A bagel bar sounds so yummy and cute!
Love how Camille Styles shares tips for making it effortless and special!

Super cute Taco Bar with free printables on Wedding Chicks.

Self-Serve Icecream sundaes shared on Collin Cowie Weddings.
Scoop the icecream in mason jars and put on ice!

Hot dog bar by Smashed Peas and Carrots.
Wrap the hot dogs in foil and they’ll be hot and ready all party long! Love this idea!

How cute is this! A banana pops bar by Bakers Royale.

Can you tell I have a sweet tooth right now.. ;)
Loving this Ice Cream Sandwich Bar by Yellow Bliss Road.

Love this burger station by Cobblestone Rue!

For my girls’ vintage circus birthday party we had a popcorn station!
I made a bunch of different flavors and they were a hit!
Everyone loaded up their cups throughout the party trying different ones.
They were displayed on the dessert table.

A Walking Taco station is such a fun kids would love this!
More details on The Girl Who ate Everything.

An Ice cream bar shared on Southern Weddings!

A classic candy station, shared on Hello Studios, where wedding
guests could load up candy in take out containers!e136d12feb9e23976beea83623e3bb9d

Cute Donut Bar display by on Love Ramsey!

I love the set up for this Waffle Bar by Life by Lindsay, shared on Fizzy Party.

A Parfait Potting Station is such a cute idea! This garden themed bridal shower was shared on Hostess with the Mostess, the guests placed a cupcake in the bottom of the lined clay pot, adding candy fillings as the fertilizer, topping with chocolate pudding and crushed oreo cookies as the potting soil, and topped off with a sprig of mint as the seedling. So cute! To top it off wooden spoons painted to look like garden markers were their utensils!

Hope you found some inspiration! I love how all of these can add such
a fun party element to a shower, backyard bbq, birthday party or grad party!

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