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DIY Cardboard Fairy House Tutorial

We threw our girls’ a Fairy Birthday Party this past weekend!
One of my favorite details of the party was the Cardboard Fairy House I made for them!


I can’t wait to share more details of the party, but I thought it would be fun to do a video tutorial on the Cardboard Fairy House first! I have made different cardboard creations over the years..and they are a hit every time! I’m sure your littles will have fun with this too!


Two cute fairies flapping away!!
(dresses from target)


It’s an easy, fun and affordable DIY project that’s perfect at making
a play date, party or rainy day extra special!


Cardboard Boxes (I used 4 large from lowes and one small from home..along with part of another box I had for the roof! – use the corner/bend for the roof)
Zip Ties
Paint (I found a small can in the as is section at Lowes)
Utility Knife
Packing Tape
Scissors or screw driver (to poke holes for zip ties)
Flowers/Flower Garlands (I got mine during the end of summer clearance at joanns.)
Hula Table Skirt (I got mine during the end of summer clearance at party city)

Build and Cut Boxes.. attaching with zip ties.
Tape Flowers/Grass Roof


I grabbed up a couple cute butterflies at Michael’s during their end of summer sale!
They are made to hang from the ceiling.


The fairy house has moved to the other wall of our family room…
and will probably be there a while ;) It’s awesome at keeping them entertained!


Sophia and Sienna are 15 days from being exactly 2 years apart so
they have always had a joint birthday party. I know it won’t always be like this,
but for now they love it… and so do we!!


The next tutorial will be the tissue paper flowers!
I have a gazillion requests via social media for a’s coming!
SO EASY and fun to make… it’ll be one you won’t want to miss!



Full Fairy Birthday Party Post coming soon!!!
Check out my DIY Cardboard CastleCardboard Mailbox
and Cardboard Sweetopia Village!

The Making of the Girls’ Fairy Birthday Party

I am still in shock that my girls are turning 4 and 6 this month!
It has been so fun getting back into party planning mode.. Life has been filled up with other things right now that fun DIY projects haven’t been possible.
But I knew that I wanted to have some fun with this birthday and make it extra special!
The girls have been through a lot this past year.. with me in the hospital and then moving to a new city. It’s been busy busy and I am so excited to do this for them! They have been loving picking the theme and helping me plan details. This is the first post of how it’s been coming together :)


I knew the girls wanted to have a fairy party… and when I saw these cute plates at target I grabbed them up with some cute matching favor bags.
I went to JoAnn the other day and took advantage of their end of summer sales on flowers! The girls(and micah) and I had so much fun picking out some cute ones for flower crowns and other fun diy’s. I ordered some pretty tissue paper from Papermart and I can’t wait to share how I’m using them! (girls’ tops from H&M.)


These two have shared birthday parties all these years..and I know it won’t be like that forever…but I’m loving seeing how close they are and playing and learning together.
They are the gonna be the cutest fairies around!


I made up an invite in photoshop and e-mailed it to our friends!


I bought some wooden bird houses at JoAnns and Michaels and painted them white.
I left some with the wood for variety. I got a bag of moss at JoAnns and hot glued it onto the houses… along with some flowers! The kids and I went with grandma in their backyard to do some stick picking for the houses.
I have a few more houses that I haven’t photographed yet!


Micah and Sienna helped me pick up some boxes for our fairy village!


We are taking advantage of these last days of summer time and
can’t wait to share more of the party fun!


Ben’s Surprise 30th Birthday – Mustache Bash


Ben turned 30 last week! woohoo! Two days before, I decided hmm maybe it isn’t that
crazy to try and throw a party even though we just moved here.
I REALLY wanted to make it happen for him…
so event though I didn’t have much time, I was determined to throw
this party together—without him knowing!

I called his boss and had him get in on the sneakiness. He had ben out while everyone arrived. I sent a couple ‘frustrated exhausted mom’ texts to keep things completely normal. haha. I even took a call from him with the bath tub going saying I was doing bath and then putting the kids to bed.

Thanks goodness the party came together in a couple days because I wouldn’t have been able to handle the sneakiness much longer than that. STRESSFUL! I had to sneak numbers from his phone when he was in the shower haha. I got family and a handful of our new friends to come join in celebrating ben and eat dessert with us!

These were the ONLY photos I took the whole time. A few phone shots and that was it.
Thank goodness for the amazing Charis who I had discovered via instagram!
She came and took care of capturing all the fun for me. I’m so excited to team up with her on some more projects. She has a great eye! I can’t rave about her enough!
Check her work out HERE.


Ben had joked last week saying how all he wanted for his birthday was a mustache.
So of course.. a mustache party was a must. Grabbed up a few mustache themed items and chose some colors.. black and green!
I only had time to go to a couple stores. I had already gotten the mustache plates at target.. but I was able to go to party city and the grocery store the day before and pick up the final party details.


Ben loves cheesecake! And I had to get the mint oreo’s with the green
filling  to match the decor ;) I used paper containers from party city to hold store bought caramel corn and puppy chow. Store bought cupcakes were jazzed up with some party city mustache toppers! For a couple was worth my time to buy the toppers instead of make them! I also had already grabbed up a cute banner from target. It’s still up.. I love it. haha.


Here’s a run down of the dessert table. Even with no time and no budget you can make a fun party table come together! You don’t have to go overboard with items.. having the color and theme working throughout the table will make it look planned and really pop!


These kiddos. They were all about the “snacks” ;)


We just moved to Charlotte a few months ago…so it was really nice seeing the friendships we’ve made be all in one place! Our town house isn’t the biggest so we couldn’t invite more than this but It was cool to see how great this community has been already!


It’s not a party without a balloon war.


We all gathered around the table waiting for ben to come up the steps…
He was COMPLETELY Surprised. Mission accomplished.
anddd sweaty from work haha. So he ran up and changed and then was ready to par-tay.



Lately Micah’s been covering his eyes and counting.
he sees the girls play hide and seek. It’s prettyyy much the cutest thing ever.
Also… next time you need to make punch:
7 UP + Raspberry Sherbet.


Next time DON’T buy the sparkling candles.
They are scarier than it sounds. haha.




I grabbed some stick on mustaches at party city.
It was hilarious how much the kids wore them.. and the adults. ;)



I’m in total party planning mode now…
Loved doing this for ben and excited for the girls’ birthday in august!! eek!
We are currently set on a garden fairy party.
With all things bugs for the boys. should be fun ;)
Thanks for checking out Ben’s party!

My Girls’ Behavior Chart Printable

I created this behavior chart for my girls because I
was needing something visual to motivate them to be good.
My girls are really into picking who they are gonna be, in books…shows…pretend
play with their toys… so I put a princess that looked like each of them on the chart.
It was a hit! Immediate ownership of ‘their’ chart. And Sophia
who did a similar ‘green yellow red chart’ in preschool, gave Sienna
the run down on how it works. ;)

behavior chart-thebusybudgetingmama

Since it has been working so well…I decided to make a couple options
and list them in my shop in case you would want to try it out too!

behavior chart2-thebusybudgetingmama

I created a princess in training and superhero in training printable and added it to my shop.
You’ll get SIX files. One version is the horizontal kind I printed out and used… the other is a vertical one where you don’t have to cut the paper. I made mine with the horizontal format because I wanted it to fill up more of my magnetic board and so I could use the magnets I already had!

I have our behavior chart on their magnet board in the “kid area” of our family room.
The magnet board is from IKEA. (The don’t sell it in white anymore..but have silver!)
If you need magnets try IKEA or the dollar store or…
sounds crazy but the gas station off big highways usually have fun ones!
Let your kids pick their own magnet or go to the craft station
and make some cute name ones!
I had these ikea magnets already so I just printed their names and sealed with
laminate sheets for protection. I sealed the entire printable with laminate
sheets so that it would be more durable for my girls.

behavior chart3-thebusybudgetingmama

For the horizontal format I printed the additional colors and laminated them as well…
using packing tape on the backside to seal them together.
(The vertical format I have included in the package is a
smaller version so you don’t have to do the extra printing + taping.)

behavior chart4-thebusybudgetingmama

Here is the entire printable package that I created and made available.

behavior chart5-thebusybudgetingmama

Here are my cuties and fiesty little
sweeties that inspired this project ;)
They both got REALLY into it.

behavior chart6-thebusybudgetingmama

The first morning at breakfast they were cheering “yesss we’re still in green!”
They had been up for 30 minutes…I would hope they would still be in green.
For consequences we usually say they aren’t able to go on the next daddy date, or they aren’t allowed to do something we had planned that day as a special treat.. like painting or going to get ice cream etc…
One day it was an especially hard day..and they weren’t
allowed to sing frozen songs ALL DAY. It was brutal.
Sometimes they lose a toy for that’ll have to figure
out what works best as a consequence!

behavior chart7-thebusybudgetingmama

Most of the time they play well together…
But they are sisters.. and almost 6 and almost 4. So battles are bound to happen.
Some more often than my sanity can handle. This printable has helped curb the craziness!

behavior chart8-thebusybudgetingmama

Hope this helps motivating your little ones to be the
sweet angels we know they can be! ;)

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