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iPhone Home Tour- Charlotte Townhouse Edition

We moved to Charlotte this past spring.
We loveee it and even though this townhouse isn’t our forever home it’s been
great for us and HAPPY MOMMY BOX! (The first floor is all for storage and
the packing team!) We’ve only painted one wall but I
like the white walls in the space too..
Thought I would share, via phone photos, our space and how
we made this place home for us!
No time for fancy photos and staging…
Here’s real life minus the shoes I kicked out of the way + piles of clean laundry
I need to fold upstairs. that’s a whole’nother day ;)

Come on in!
I hung frames we had and got a “tv stand” from IKEA for the kids to sit on for shoes.
The key chain/prek tote bag/purse hooks are super handy. (target)

The most lived in space of our house is the family/dining room space.
Kids rule this place. (cousin party below) I decorate my house using a lot of stuff that was in other rooms in old houses… mix it all together…
add in one or two new things and make it work!
IKEA: sofa, pillows, banner, picture ledges, curtains, curtain rod
light fixture, table and chairs, kid table and chairs, place mats. high chair.
TARGET: light blue pillows.
TRASH: Coffee Table
AMAZON: Map (38 bucks or something crazy) eventually want to DIY frame it.

Sometimes it’s clean….and sometimes it’s not.

Best seat in the house is the dumpster dive coffee table.
Couches are regularly the doctor’s office for Doc McStuffins.IPHONEHOMETOUR8-THEBUSYBUDGETINGMAMA

Doesn’t everyone have a play kitchen in their dining area??
IKEA: Frames. Shelves. Tables. Light fixture. play kitchen. pots
LOWES: Plant pots
PIKE’S: succulents
Dishes are a mix of Pottery Barn Wedding Gifts + Marshalls + IKEA.

I hung some frames in our hallway that we used from our last house!
They were part of a basement makeover I did with IKEA PIttsburgh.
SO CHEAP.  I did a whole gallery wall with 6 of them for $40 DETAILS HERE.IPHONEHOMETOUR13-THEBUSYBUDGETINGMAMA

This is my “office space” in our family room!
There is usually a feast of play food next to me. mmm felt donuts.
FROM IKEA: Shelf, desk, magnet board.
Cute tote from US! ;) HAPPY MOMMY TOTE.

One of the most functional spaces in our house is the kitchen nook turned headquarters.
IKEA: Shelving unit, kid table, magnet boards. bulletin board.
white boxes. paper holders. shelves.
TARGET: cream bins
Right is the kitchen area… but left is the kid’s room. I’ll share more of that space another day!
Used the flowers from the girls’ Fairy Birthday Party. VIDEO Tutorial here.

I turned an old estate sale frame into a chalkboard for our family room.
Working on my chalk art skills……lol.
We have a picture ledge across one of our walls in the family room and I love mixing up the prints and art! I made the map art using a $3 map from Target discount bin area..going to add some stars to our fav cities (atlanta pittsburgh philly and charlotte)
The Love others well print was from one of our past HAPPY MOMMY BOXES. love it! IPHONEHOMETOUR2-THEBUSYBUDGETINGMAMA

Our house is not perfectly decorated…and I’m constantly changing it up.. but it’s lived in and loved and bright and cheery for our kids. Thankful for this roof over our heads and being all together. Love the memories we are creating here in Charlotte! 
With HMB needing more space.. our rental/office isn’t as ideal. So we will be moving and trading in more bedrooms instead of the connected office space come next year!
We are loving this rental right now though and it’s bright open floor plan!
Thanks for stopping by :) I’ll share more spaces another day.

20 Minute Fall Wreath DIY

My time to DIY is very short these days. But the other day I got Micah down for
a nap and needed a break before I jumped right back into mom work.
I had been wanting to put together a fall wreath for weeks.
I got the stuff at Walmart when grabbing milk and a few other necessary things.
And was able to make this up quickly in 20 minutes.. leaving me plenty of micah’s nap time to get word done. I LOVE how it turned out and how it’s so easy to change up!

fall wreath-thebusybudgetingmama

All you need are a few things and 20 minutes!

Place Moss on wreath and pin in place with floral pins.
I put clumps of the different moss randomly to make it look natural.
That’s it! It’s actually very relaxing putting it together.
I had a leftover flower garland from the Girls’ Fairy Birthday Party
so I used it to add some color to the wreath.
To finish it off, I added some black and white striped ribbon to hang it with.fall wreath2-thebusybudgetingmama

I like how my wreath and yellow mums match at my front door!
fall wreath3-thebusybudgetingmama

The best part about this wreath is how it’s so easy to change up!
The pins come out easily. I’m going to remove the yellow flowers for christmas season.
I’m making another just moss one for inside my house… I love it!
fall wreath4-thebusybudgetingmama


I can’t believe it’s almost been one year since we shipped our first HAPPY MOMMY BOX!
It’s been an adventure and I’m so excited with how far it’s come. Exhausted thinking about it haha but excited too! Love having Mandy on this journey with me! She is amazing and such a hard worker and smart business woman!  I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else. It’s a good combo because she is like ben..and I am like her husband. so we blend well together when it comes to working! I can’t believe how many boxes we are shipping each month…and now the shop items going out each week! it’s incredible and we are so grateful!
We have a great team behind us and they work hard to make our mommies happy. We want each care package that goes out each month to be more than just getting items in the mail. We want it to be an experience, a connection. We want our moms to feel encouraged and blessed! Because sometimes as moms, you can feel isolated and burnt out. Having that pick me up to help you feel encouraged and appreciated is what you need to get back out there and change some dirty diapers while intercepting your toddler from eating crayons.
hmb tee

There are days that are really hard and overwhelming being a working-stay at home mom- but overall it’s been amazing and so encouraging to see all the mamas supporting us and loving HAPPY MOMMY BOX! We had a dad share on instagram this month a photo of his wife opening her box. “Happy Mommy is a Happy Daddy” haha. We’ve had moms e-mail us that their box arrived at exactly the right moment where they needed it the most and shared their story with us! We’ve had a mom e-mail us sharing how she got it for her sister who lived far away. They were together for a visit, but then her sister had to go home. When her sister arrived back at her house, she found the happy mommy box on her doorstep. cue her water works. We love being a part of the stories and relationships of our mamas. It means so much to us to hear how we are helping them when in return they have encouraged us so much. We are just two moms trying to make it and the support has been incredible.

I love being able to work from home and to put my efforts into something I know can be so good for our family. I love seeing how my girls view the business as well. They LOVE packing week. they are convinced our two packing girls come over purely to hang out with them. They are pretty good crinkle paper fluffers too. ;) I love the week AFTER packing week! When boxes start arriving and being shared on social media! It is fun connecting with all our moms around the US!

With HAPPY MOMMY BOX turning one… we are ready to party!
Mandy and her whole crew are coming to charlotte for the fun!
We are hosting A Night to Celebrate Motherhood here in Charlotte. If you are in, or near, the area…JOIN US! The night includes Dinner, a guest speaker, live music, dance booth and more fun! Each attendee gets our amazing swag bag…which is 2 month’s worth of happy mommy boxes combined into our cute tote bag! We lined up some fab brands for the event and I can’t wait to share them! We have the lovely Rachael Kincaid as our guest speaker
and music by Chris Kincaid and Nichole Broom

We will be selling our new HAPPY MOMMY BOX tote bag the
weekend of the event online in our HAPPY MOMMY BOX Store.
Limited Available so if you are wanting to snag one look out for them!

I did a walk through of our space at Ridge and It’s going to be fantastic!
Can’t wait to decorate. You know me..I love a party!
I’ll be sharing more details of the event… if you or someone you know is in Charlotte check out the details on Eventbrite and COME! Would love to meet you!

Giant Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial – Part 1

These lovely Giant Tissue Paper Flowers
are at the top of my favorite party DIY’s!
I made them for the girls’ Fairy Birthday Party and I loved how they turned out!
I’m so excited to share this video tutorial in all of it’s bad hair day glory
because this DIY is SO fun and is a great bang for your buck!
Finally made ‘part one’ happen during a nap time this weekend! :)
I’m going to try and do another video tutorial sharing the
other variety of flowers used as well!
next nap time? ;)
paper flowers-thebbm
paper flowers-thebbm3

Giant Tissue Paper Flowers could be just the right
detail for a birthday party, shower or nursery decor!
We have them all up in the kids’ room because I can’t part with them just yet. ;)

The video tutorial gives a general idea of how to make these.
I didn’t take photos..blogger fail.. but It really is simple once you get going!

Tissue Paper (20 in x 30 in – I get my tissue paper from papermart)
Scotch Heavy Duty Packing Tape. (what I had. worked great.)
paper flowers-thebbm2

+You are going to have 3 levels of “petals”
Making each level of petals smaller/shorter as you go!
—–First round I use 4 sheets of tissue paper and cut
out a petal shape.
—–Second round of tissue I use 3 (4 works too!) and make it a little shorter/smaller
—-Third Round of tissue 3(4 works too!) and make it a little shorter/smaller again.

+Take the smallest level of tissue petals and layer together like a bouquet
+Secure by taping handle (see video for that part.)
+Take the next level of tissue paper (the medium length) and add to the “bouquet” putting them in the open spots as you layer. (again, video might help clarify that part.)
+hold together by taping handle again.
+Then add the final largest tissue paper level.
+Tape handle again and then snip off excess part.

+Cut two circles out: one big one medium.
+crinkle the edges of the circles
+tape them to each other and then tape to middle of flower!

paper flowers-thebbm4

 Thanks for watching and tag/email me if you try these out!
Would love to see how you use them.

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