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iPhone Home Tour- Charlotte Townhouse Edition

We moved to Charlotte this past spring.
We loveee it and even though this townhouse isn’t our forever home it’s been
great for us and HAPPY MOMMY BOX! (The first floor is all for storage and
the packing team!) We’ve only painted one wall but I
like the white walls in the space too..
Thought I would share, via phone photos, our space and how
we made this place home for us!
No time for fancy photos and staging…
Here’s real life minus the shoes I kicked out of the way + piles of clean laundry
I need to fold upstairs. that’s a whole’nother day ;)

Come on in!
I hung frames we had and got a “tv stand” from IKEA for the kids to sit on for shoes.
The key chain/prek tote bag/purse hooks are super handy. (target)

The most lived in space of our house is the family/dining room space.
Kids rule this place. (cousin party below) I decorate my house using a lot of stuff that was in other rooms in old houses… mix it all together…
add in one or two new things and make it work!
IKEA: sofa, pillows, banner, picture ledges, curtains, curtain rod
light fixture, table and chairs, kid table and chairs, place mats. high chair.
TARGET: light blue pillows.
TRASH: Coffee Table
AMAZON: Map (38 bucks or something crazy) eventually want to DIY frame it.

Sometimes it’s clean….and sometimes it’s not.

Best seat in the house is the dumpster dive coffee table.
Couches are regularly the doctor’s office for Doc McStuffins.IPHONEHOMETOUR8-THEBUSYBUDGETINGMAMA

Doesn’t everyone have a play kitchen in their dining area??
IKEA: Frames. Shelves. Tables. Light fixture. play kitchen. pots
LOWES: Plant pots
PIKE’S: succulents
Dishes are a mix of Pottery Barn Wedding Gifts + Marshalls + IKEA.

I hung some frames in our hallway that we used from our last house!
They were part of a basement makeover I did with IKEA PIttsburgh.
SO CHEAP.  I did a whole gallery wall with 6 of them for $40 DETAILS HERE.IPHONEHOMETOUR13-THEBUSYBUDGETINGMAMA

This is my “office space” in our family room!
There is usually a feast of play food next to me. mmm felt donuts.
FROM IKEA: Shelf, desk, magnet board.
Cute tote from US! ;) HAPPY MOMMY TOTE.

One of the most functional spaces in our house is the kitchen nook turned headquarters.
IKEA: Shelving unit, kid table, magnet boards. bulletin board.
white boxes. paper holders. shelves.
TARGET: cream bins
Right is the kitchen area… but left is the kid’s room. I’ll share more of that space another day!
Used the flowers from the girls’ Fairy Birthday Party. VIDEO Tutorial here.

I turned an old estate sale frame into a chalkboard for our family room.
Working on my chalk art skills……lol.
We have a picture ledge across one of our walls in the family room and I love mixing up the prints and art! I made the map art using a $3 map from Target discount bin area..going to add some stars to our fav cities (atlanta pittsburgh philly and charlotte)
The Love others well print was from one of our past HAPPY MOMMY BOXES. love it! IPHONEHOMETOUR2-THEBUSYBUDGETINGMAMA

Our house is not perfectly decorated…and I’m constantly changing it up.. but it’s lived in and loved and bright and cheery for our kids. Thankful for this roof over our heads and being all together. Love the memories we are creating here in Charlotte! 
With HMB needing more space.. our rental/office isn’t as ideal. So we will be moving and trading in more bedrooms instead of the connected office space come next year!
We are loving this rental right now though and it’s bright open floor plan!
Thanks for stopping by :) I’ll share more spaces another day.

20 Minute Fall Wreath DIY

My time to DIY is very short these days. But the other day I got Micah down for
a nap and needed a break before I jumped right back into mom work.
I had been wanting to put together a fall wreath for weeks.
I got the stuff at Walmart when grabbing milk and a few other necessary things.
And was able to make this up quickly in 20 minutes.. leaving me plenty of micah’s nap time to get word done. I LOVE how it turned out and how it’s so easy to change up!

fall wreath-thebusybudgetingmama

All you need are a few things and 20 minutes!

Place Moss on wreath and pin in place with floral pins.
I put clumps of the different moss randomly to make it look natural.
That’s it! It’s actually very relaxing putting it together.
I had a leftover flower garland from the Girls’ Fairy Birthday Party
so I used it to add some color to the wreath.
To finish it off, I added some black and white striped ribbon to hang it with.fall wreath2-thebusybudgetingmama

I like how my wreath and yellow mums match at my front door!
fall wreath3-thebusybudgetingmama

The best part about this wreath is how it’s so easy to change up!
The pins come out easily. I’m going to remove the yellow flowers for christmas season.
I’m making another just moss one for inside my house… I love it!
fall wreath4-thebusybudgetingmama

The Girls Shared Big Girl Room

My girls share a room..Sophia is 5 and Sienna is 3.
They love it. Ben and I love it too.. we try to forget the nights they keep each other up..
and focus on the nights we find them in the same bed snoozing like little angels all sweet.
We try to focus on that really really hard. ;)
We are in a rental right now.. and with a 3 bedroom house,
sharing a room is where we are at.
Even with more space down the road, they probably will share.
They have come to love it now!
Plus the bunk bed of their dreams is now in their space and their world is complete.

It took me forever to actually photograph the room!
But I wanted to share some fun details that I think made it all come together so pretty.
Come on in I’ll give you the tour while it’s clean!

I don’t know about your kids but mine love to measure how tall they are growing.
It’s a daily thing in our house.
That..and brushing to see how long their hair has grown. ;)
I loved finding this growth chart decal from Janey-Mac.
I was able to pick the color I wanted..and the yellow was bright and cheery. :)
It was pretty easy to stick on. Sophia helped me and was
very excited to be the first to try it out!

I also had been on the hunt for gold polka dot decals.
I KNEW I had to have them in their room.
It was a must. So when I found them on walls need love…..jackpot!
You can pick out different sizes and colors.
They came on a big roll and are SOOOOO easy to put on.
A girl the other day e-mailed me asking if I could share a tutorial on the polka dot closet…
Peel.. stick. done! Haha. They look like you painted the door
and so carefully got the perfect circles.
Nope. peel and stick. I love them!
The bunk bed is from IKEA.. a long with the wardrobe and dresser.
The rug is from RUGS USA. I really wanted a yellow rug that wasn’t too gold or too lemony and had a fun pattern.
The tuscan trellis rug was perfect.
(They only have it in green right now.)
This one arrived and I immediately had to unroll it to see how it looked in person…
I was SOO pleased with the color. and the fact that it isn’t a big shedder!

When I discovered Her Bunnies Three one day on easy,
I knew I NEEDED to get little “sweeties” for my girls!
They LOVE them… and I love how cute they look just laying around.
I like putting them up on the window next to my XO letters.
(I used the letters back in my DIY valentine’s day table last year.)

The S is not upside down… It looks like it is..but in real life it is not.
I have used that in their rooms since they were little and love love it. First used it as their dessert table backdrop at their Vintage Circus birthday party. The bedding is from IKEA..and the book shelves are ikea picture ledges. Micah loves getting the books off their and bringing them to me when I lay on the bottom bunk.
I think he needs the same set up in his new room ;)
The baskets on their dresser hold their princess dolls and hair accessories.
You know.. the necessities. (baskets from home goods)
(strawberry and puppy from ikea. worn in and loved ;)

I got these old wooden frames about 5 years ago at a garage sale.
I think I payed around 5 bucks for 8 of them! some bigger some smaller.
I FINALLY put them to use all these years. Spray painted them gold…
Measured and cut out foam board as the back (they didn’t have a back originally)
Then I used roll out cork board and used spray adhesive to attach it.
I love hanging the girls’ artwork and random doodles up to see. 
I also found a mirror at a garage sale that needed a little tlc..
I cleaned it up as much as I could and spray painted it gold to match.
It’s the perfect height and size for them use. They call it their princess mirror.

Thanks for stopping by! I guarantee that in the time it took me to write this post,
their room’s floor got covered with toys. It’s their skill- speed mess makers. haha.
working on the-speed toy picker up-skills.

The Busy Budgeting Mama

Our IKEA Basement Makeover! A Kid-Friendly Adult Space

I recently teamed up with IKEA here in pittsburgh for
a beautiful and 
functional basement makeover!
We wanted to have a kid friendly adult space…
We needed to have an office area, an entertainment
area and a defined kid area! (with a limited amount of toys!) I filmed a video to give you the full tour.
ALSO!! There’s another IKEA Makeover to check out at the
bottom of my post! My Friend Abby created the cutest big boy room!
I’ll link all of the products that are from IKEA!
If you have any questions, comment below!
I knew that I HAD to have a chalkboard wall in our basement!
The girls absolutely love it. We got the paint at Lowes. It went on really easy.
Micah loves pulling up, standing and walking across this area.
The girls are all about playing restaurant or bakery right now…
and micah loves to put toys in and out of the storage bins. He is a sorter. ;)
I needed some desk space..but didn’t want the tables to be sticking out into the room.
I was so happy when we found these desks at IKEA
because they are very shallow and sleek!
We got the high gloss black and I think the light reflecting off of them helps
brighten the space and not make it so flat. We hung two magnetic boards so we
could post 
calendars, to-dos, artwork and homework! The LACK shelf above holds
books and my pens/sharpies/scissors high away from little trouble makers. ;)
The Shelf was actually really simple to mount on the wall! It was the one piece I
was kinda worried about but it went up like a breeze and feels sturdy!
I loved these chairs… they felt modern, simple and not bulky!
I put a white besta piece next to my desk to hide my printer and give me more storage!
(the owls are from marshalls or tj maxx..lamp from target.)
SPONTAN Magnetic Boards.  LACK Wall Shelf.  BESTA BURS Desk.
BESTA Unit.  
REIDAR Chair.  KASSETT Storage Boxes.  SPONTAN Magnets
We hung picture ledges and plan on shuffling through different photos and frames!
I painted the area of the wall that bumps out with chalkboard paint…
Sophia LOVED seeing all the letters. ;) And let’s pretend
like I meant to spell joyful that way. ;) LOL.
BESTA Storage Combo. BESTA BURS Desk. (this is the longer version.) 

The frames are a mix of IKEA ones and ones I already had.
The cute print on the top left  is from Livy Love Designs
and the ‘Someone give me an amen’ was a gift from my friend Mandy!
I also framed our HAPPY MOMMY BOX Logo and my children’s book
cover design for Mommy Has an Angel.
RIBBA Frames.(logo and book are in these)  RIBBA Picture Ledge.
NYTTJA Frames (black and white mix)
LOVE this space…Date nights are hard to come by with three kids,
so ben and I really wanted to have a comfy space where we can do movie nights…
or game nights with friends!
The rug helped define the space. We chose the KIVIK Loveseat and sofa.
LOVEE them. They were the easiest IKEA furniture to put together out
of the whole space! I love how sturdy and comfy they are…
the fabric pattern is great with kid spillage… and pretty at the same time!
The Gallery wall was SO CHEAP to do. The 6 frame project cost $40.
I snapped some photos of the kids in our backyard, uploaded the images
to for their architect prints(10 bucks!!)…
picked them up at the store a few hours later!
Framed them in these IKEA frames that are on sale
right now for 4.99….crazy right?? Do this project! I’m so happy with how it turned out…
and the girls loved seeing their faces “I have a big faceee!!”
SAXNAS Frames.  KIVIK Loveseat.  KIVIK Sofa.  BESTA Burs TV Unit.
I picked out these IKEA coffee tables because I loved how they were on wheels.
We can move them in front of the tv to work as a baby gate and keep micah
from high fiving our tv…and we can move them around to use for putting food and
drinks on.. or if we are playing games on a game night!
IKEA Ps 2012 Coffee Tables.  STOCKHOLM Rug.


A big thank you to IKEA here in pittsburgh!
As always, they are amazing to work with..
We are so happy with our space!! Go say hi on twitter @IKEAPittsburgh,
if you found these ideas helpful and want to make a trip to IKEA now ;)

You know how you clean your house like crazy
when you have company coming over?
Same goes for when you are filming a house tour. lol.
Enjoying our clean basement. ;)

Looking for more IKEA Inspiration??
Check out my blog friend turned real life friend, Abby’s, IKEA makeover!
She is sharing her boy’s big boy room on her blog today! – Just a Girl and her Blog.
She made the cutest little craft corner for her boys and DIY artwork
that now I want to try for Micah’s room!

The Busy Budgeting Mama

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