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Women For Courage Luncheon- Domestic Violence Awareness

Today I went to the Women for Courage Luncheon with my mom. The Charlotte event was put on by the Jamie Kimble Foundation. I heard about it months back when a girl named Sharon came across a recipe of mine pinned to Pinterest, came to my blog then clicked through to my post on learning to grieve. Sharon emailed me and we finally met this week at the event. She was one of the event coordinators and is on the board for the Foundation.

Sharon was best friends with Jamie, who was killed through a similar act of domestic violence, like my best friend, Shannon. Her friend Jamie, escaped an abusive relationship but then 3 months later he drove across the country and shot her and them himself.
Seeing the video showing her life and the hearts of her parents just brought me to tears.
I pictured Shannon and Jamie together looking down on us and the whole room of 700 people.
(image via)

 I was so overwhelmed with seeing the room full of men and women wanting to celebrate Jamie’s memory and bring awareness to Domestic Violence. I was fighting back tears the whole lunch. We heard from amazing survivors and advocates for domestic violence awareness. I was so touched by the whole thing…seeing so many people gathered together and wanting to take action on this issue. The guest speaker was Jane Randel, co-founder of  the National No-More Campaign.

I have gone through many phases of grief with losing Shannon.
For those of you who are new to my blog, I’ve shared her story from the beginning. But she had finally escaped an abusive relationship and during a custody exchange, he brutally shot her in front of the children. The details are horrific and are straight out of a horror movie or crime show you would change the channel for. I pray for Shannon and her children every night. And I pray by name for Chris’s conversion. That was a big step for me over the years. But Shannon was an incredibly kind and forgiving person.
She prayed for him and asked others to pray for him, even when she was fearing for her life.
He is now in prison serving life with no chance of parole.
I’ve found myself going to a place of protecting myself.
Letting her come to my mind but not able to watch old videos or think too long on old times.
It just hurts too much. And it makes me want to crumble a little bit inside.
But after this event, I’ve realized that I need to be stronger. I need to have courage.
And let myself share her story more and speak more about her.
And know that even though it’s hard we must speak up.
We must be the voice for those who feel they have lost their voice.

One in four women will be experience Domestic Violence in their lifetime.
One in Five high school students report being abused by a boyfriend in High School.
As many as 324,000 women each year experience
intimate partner violence during their pregnancy.

3 women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in this country every day.
65% of Domestic Violence Murder Victims had separated
from their abusers prior to their deaths.

(stats via)
South Carolina used to be ranked the deadliest state in the nation for women.
In 2014, Alaska took the first spot, but South Carolina was
only bumped to second in the rate of women killed by men.

Jamie’s Parents and friends and family are doing amazing things through her foundation.
Their goal is to stop domestic violence before it begins, through education of young people.
At the luncheon they passed out a card with warning signs.
The whole time I was like I NEED to blog this. I need to pin this.
I need to help put this out there in case someone comes across it that needs to see this list.
Please join me in spreading this list.  You never know who you
know that might need to see this.


Call the 24-hour National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Easter 2015 Memories

EASTER 2015-1
I love Easter and the special feeling of hope and love that it brings out of us!
Thankful for my family and where we are today. Last easter, I was a month out of the hospital and the future was so unsure. But a year under our belt, and another baby in my belly haha, and I am just so thankful for where we are. Who knows what the future holds..but this Easter weekend was so sweet for my soul. Thankful for Jesus’ amazing love and sacrifice for us. Ben and I watched the A.D. Episode that aired on Easter sunday and it’s just incredible to think about how much Christ suffered. He knew it was coming.. and yet He chose us. He chose suffering for us. blows my mind.. and makes me want to be deserving of that love and love Him in return in everything that I do. choose Him right back.
EASTER 2015-2

I took a much needed unpacking break for some easter egg fun with these cuties!
We colored baby wipes with markers and wrapped them around eggs with rubber brands.
Couldn’t be more happy with how they turned out! It was so fun doing it with the girls. (Micah was napping) and then Easter morning we unwrapped the dried wipe covered eggs and discovered our pretty creations! They loveddd it.EASTER 2015-3

The Easter bunny hid eggs in their ben and I woke up to giggles and screams as they found them. Micah was so funny..instead of finding all the eggs he just plopped down and ate the jelly beans inside one egg discovery at a time haha. His mouth was full like a little chipmunk. hence the photo below…haha.EASTER 2015-4

The Easter bunny left some goodies at our house!
Little bunnies for each kid and a note (WITH A PAW PRINT-KIDS FREAKED) That asked them to take care of the bunny and his or her bunny’s name. Fluffy, Cuddles + Whiskers.
We left out wrapped presents for the girls to take to church. (sticker books)
(The bunny got the baskets at target a couple years ago.
Most things in this photo he picked up at target at some point. ;)
EASTER 2015-12

a good dose of sugar before church! yum! ;)
EASTER 2015-13

The girls were actually little angels at church! Micah was good…
hamming it up for the overcrowded standing room only back of church.
He thought they were an audience/obstacle course.
(The girls’ dresses are from target. Mine is from old navy I think?? last year.)
Stretching it out a little with my bump ha!
EASTER 2015-15

After naps we headed to my parent’s house for an early dinner and egg hunt!
Before Pinterest, their was my mom! She decorated the kid table so cute!
EASTER 2015-8

We had a feast! I brought the broccoli cauliflower salad and the rice crispy nests.
I thought they balanced each other out ;)
(The cute Easter Story paper dolls in the front were the ones the boy cousins made
with grandma earlier in the week. I shared a link and the girls’ set in the last post!)
Grandma made the best cupcakes. Sophia brought them up today saying she thinks she should open a bakery haha.
EASTER 2015-9

I think they were ready for the egg hunt…… haha. (sienna’s nose kills me.)
We let the little ones out first..and they randomly sat down and posed for photos on the step.
It was hilarious! Little hams.
EASTER 2015-6

haha grandpa snapped a behind the scenes shot ;)
EASTER 2015-14

These kiddos had a great day. I threw up later that night but I made it through
the day feeling pretty good! Baby #4 just wanted to make his or her presence known ;)
Loved seeing their smiley faces all day and their
sleeping sweet faces after their sugar crash that night.
EASTER 2015-7

Watch out flying eggs!EASTER 2015-11

Sienna and Nico bunkered down to check out their loot.EASTER 2015-5

The Charlotte cousins. Micah hoarding all the IKEA stuffed animals. best we could do haha.EASTER 2015-10

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend with loved ones
and realize how much Christ loves you!
Thanks for checking out our weekend!

Checking in- Life Lately

Life has been busy and blogging had to be set aside these past few weeks while I get through these sick days of my pregnancy! They have been pretty brutal with nausea. Horrible reactions to different drugs. getting the stomach bug on top of already puking non stop…ended up in the hospital. bags of fluid helped so much to get back on track. (best hours of my life haha.) But I’m already feeling the nausea less than I did two weeks ago…soooo seeing a light at the end of the tunnel! I’ll be 15 weeks on tuesday..and I usually start feeling better around 17. so..home stretch! Praying for a happy healthy baby and feeling lots of cute baby flutters soon! My sister and sister in laws are all pregnant too…it’s been fun sharing this!
Last week I grabbed a couple basic shirts on sale for my expanding belly at target..this fringe kimono was too comfy to pass on! Goes perfectly with my BLANQI Highwaist Maternity and Postpartum Leggings. These babies are so comfy..they lift and smooth your bump. I’m not even bragging on my sister and sabina for designing them…they are just amazing I would wear them even if she didn’t drop them off at my house haha. perk of sisterhood! ;)
ps. micah isn’t falling. lol. he hopped right off and hammed it up in the mirror.
this boy is non stop mover and shaker.

We’ve also been busy moving!!
We moved 22 minutes further south to rock hill south carolina!
Loving it and getting settled. Unpacking a lot slower than usual for me….
But I think it’s because of micah’s age and me being so sick and fatigued pregnant.
Hoping nesting kicks in so we can get this house pulled together.thebusybudgetingmama-lifelately2

Thankful for my family not too far away….
for a yard these littles can run around in…and paper products. haha.
Below was our first meal in the house. They were bouncing off the walls with excitement. ;)

We’ve also been busy launching our new website for HAPPY MOMMY BOX.
YES. all at the same time. We like a little crazy in our life :)
I’m so excited about what we have been working on…and finally sharing it!
New shop items to celebrate motherhood…a build a box option…
themed boxes, (the grief and loss box-pictured below- is so special to me!)
We also have a fun announcement coming soon!
Check out our new site and let me know what you think! It’s been so fun seeing the boxes people are building..for themselves or special mamas in their lives! I love seeing the hubbies being tagged on our instagram feed for mother’s day reminders hehe.thebusybudgetingmama-lifelately

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!!
Here’s a fun craft that my mom did with the cousins yesterday….
you can get the free printable at!
We’ve been reading the story (print out comes with it) and acting it out all afternoon!

Thanks for following..and for the patience as we get settled over here.
So excited to share some of the new spaces here and more fun projects we are working on!

How I’m using Essential Oils – Learning Where to Start!

Essential Oils isn’t something new..but it is something super popular right now and spreading!
I grew up with my mom using tea tree oil in our house! Right now the oils are everywhere you go! This time last year I was a total skeptic and wasn’t interested at all. But over this year more and more of my friends started using Young Living Essential Oils and raving about it’s effects on their families health and even financial impacts it’s made on their family. One friend in particular, (Nicole from The Pretty Oil) really helped me see the practical every day uses
and how much Oils have changed her life and what they could do for our family!
My husband was a total skeptic day of having the oils in our house
and he was hooked!! He was blending and diffusing even more than I was!
Sore legs at night? oils for that…Pumping up immune system?…oils for that.
Helping kids relax at bed time?…oils for that! Helping your pregnant nauseous
wife not throw up?..oils for that! (thank goodness lol.)
If you want to become a member CLICK HERE or keep on reading to find out more!
where to start with essential oils-thebusybudgetingmama1

I’ve waited till now to share more about essential oils because I wanted to
really dive into them and learn more. But it now only seems fitting to share it on my space here! Using oils is everywhere. If you are on social media,
no doubt you are always seeing the little colorful bottles popping up on your feed!

One thing I’ve found with oils is that a lot of people want to try them but feel overwhelmed and totally clueless when it comes to them. How do you use them?? Which ones do you use the most?? Should you be just a member or sell them too?
I hope in this post to help give you some answers and direction and
share where I’m at with using essential oils!
(I am not an expert…I seek the advice of girls way smarter than me in this area…
but I’m happy to share my experience and what I’ve learned.

How do you use the oils??
Two key words… Dilute.. or Diffuse.
The young living essential oils are very strong and pure.
It takes 3,000 lemons to produce one kilo of lemon oil!
Some oils you can put directly on your skin but in
my experience I almost always dilute or diffuse them.
Our favorite essential oils to use are lemon, lavender, thieves, purification,
joy, peppermint and the citrus blend. We have ended up using them daily in some way.
where to start with essential oils-thebusybudgetingmama2

Dilute the oils?! In what and how???
This is an area where I’ve see so many posts of people sharing oils and saying
they diluted them but never explained how or with what!
You need to use a carrier oil to dilute the oils. Popular ones are Coconut Oil, V6 or Grapeseed Oil. We use Grapeseed Oil from amazon.
I like how it isn’t really scented and isn’t too greasy feeling!
The bottles usually specify directions on how much of each to use when diluting.
I’m going to be ordering some roller ball containers so that I can blend our oils and have them on hand.. but we have been using little bowls to dilute and blend the oils in and then use a q tip to put the oils on ben, my or the kids feet..or behind our ears.
where to start with essential oils-thebusybudgetingmama3

How do you Diffuse the oils?
I use the diffuser that came in my Premium Starter Kit.
(That kit is the best bang for your buck if you want to try a lot of the oils)
It’s like a humidifier… You open the top and fill with water to the line..and drop in the oils you want. We regularly use lemon or citrus. We also sometimes diffuse peppermint and citrus in there and the whole house smells incredible and it really helps keep me focused and going! (Peppermint is very strong and not recommended to use directly on kids or when you are nursing…but if you dilute it or diffuse it and use for certain periods of time it is safe and great to use. I did a lot of research on this one.) I have a lot of friends who swear by thieves diffusing in their kids’ rooms to help with stopping a bug or stopping it from spreading through the family. I usually put thieves on our feet at night to help.
I couldn’t handle the smell at first with my morning sickness…
but I’m starting to like it now so I’m gonna probably end up diffusing it too once
I’m through the morning sickness part of this pregnancy!
I love using the purification oil too…when you have odors in
the home and want to clean it up! Life saver when you are
a super smelling pregnant lady and everything smells bad to you. haha.
where to start with essential oils-thebusybudgetingmama4

Where do you learn more about oils?
I have two incredible books –  Essential Oils Pocket reference and Gentle Babies.
(If you sign up with our team in march you get to choose one for free!)
I am part of The Pretty Oil Team where we have forums and webinars to help us learn more! I also follow some awesome ladies on IG that share their love and daily uses.
Love how it’s one big community to help us grow and learn more about natural options for our families! We are slowly going more and more green over here!

Become a retail customer or a wholesale member?
Maybe you want to try the oils first and see how you like them…
Maybe you’ve already tried some or have heard such great things you are hooked and want to go all in and get the discount by being a wholesale member…
Maybe you want to help your family financially by simply sharing the oils you love and are using and get compensated by doing so….
There is no right or wrong way to start using the oils,
but if you want to hear your you go:
I am part of The Pretty Oil Team. It’s a community for ladies selling or using buying for themselves! You can join for the community and knowledge they share….if you want to sell them they offer support and tools. If you just want to buy oils when you want and learn more how to use’s for that too!

+You could sign up to be a retail customer
There is no pressure or commitment to buy a certain amount of oils.
It’s a buy when you want thing!

+You could sign up to be a wholesale member.
You receive 24 percent off retail discount on your orders.
This type of membership is the most beneficial for your family.
You are naturally going to want to share the oils you are using and you’ll find that SO MANY PEOPLE are wanting to learn more about that you’ll get comments and emails and those sign ups can be beneficial for you.

I was already convinced on the oils so I did the Premium Start Living Kit since it’s the best bang for your buck. If you are a blogger… or have a social media platform(big or small!), I highly encourage you to go at it this way. You might think oh my gosh I don’t have time to take on another thing….but by joining the Pretty Oil Team you are getting so much support you’ll be amazed at how easy it is for you to share your love for oils and benefit from some simple shares of how you are using them in your regular life! My friend Nicole started The Pretty Oil and she has so many amazing success stories of bloggers and non bloggers a like. It seriously pumps you up that these mamas are able to stay at home and make things happen for their families.
When you are a part of The Pretty Oil Team you get access to team forums, monthly webinars, classes + events, e-books and optional business training.

If you are wanting to be on my team and work with me..I would LOVE IT!
I’m so excited about this and the potential it has to really bless your family’s health and bless your family financially. If you have been on the fence about doing it, email me! If you are ready to dive in like I was then you can follow the steps below to join me!
Would love to have you on my team and grow this together.

  • SCROLL DOWN THROUGH “ESSENTIAL REWARDS KITS” CLICK “NO THANK YOU, I PLAN ON ENROLLING IN THE ESSENTIAL REWARDS LATER” (note: the monthly shipment program, essential rewards are an amazing benefit of being a member and you will get free oils each month! But first get your starter kit & The Pretty Oil Team will explain the rewards program to you later!)

                                    If you are just wanting to become a regular member and start using
oils for yourself…Perfect! Follow the same steps below to sign up and start with ordering the
oils or package of your choice. You can always upgrade to a wholesale member if you
decide you want to start making money off of your sharing!

    Please email me if you have any questions at all or want to talk more! I love hearing from you guys about essential oils!

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