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Day in the Life- Random Mama Moments

During my first years of blogging I did a
lot of ‘Day in the Life posts-Random Mama Moments.’
Just sharing my heart, what we’ve been up too and what I’m loving!
It’s part journal for my kids part sharing favorites for others to find!
I thought my blog was due for this kind of post. :)

So ok……I get it guys. I get what all my “moms of boys” have been talking about.
Micah Man.
I was in stealth mode to capture the shot of him not moving.
And that moment was only happening because he was drinking something.
non stop mover and shaker. for as much as he is crazy he is also our snuggler.
so I’ll take it. ;)
day in the life-thebusybudgetingmama6

Every day it is starting to look more and more like Christmas around here!
Sophia is in her favorite spot. :)
The snowflakes are foam and were a pack from the Dollar Store.
I seriously was watching you tube videos trying to make
some and then was like yup no. haha. Another day!
We got our tree.. cut it down for the first time with our family. They loved it!
And my muscle man hubby carried it. it was  A LOT heavier than our usual trees haha.
We love our nativity scene in this house. It’s used daily.
All the (fischer price) people said amen!
including all the superheroes, princesses and noah’s ark animals.
day in the life-thebusybudgetingmama3

Christmas present Shopping started on Black Friday! We don’t normally do the whole thing
but we were with my family and thought it would be fun! Seriously… a blast.
And luckily the people working laughed at us as much as we were laughing at ourselves.
My sister definitely crashed the cart after that photo was taken. haha.
Found a few good deals but we also saw that some things were still cheaper online.
A lot of price comparing. But I did get some good bargains and had fun with family!
day in the life-thebusybudgetingmama2

haha #daughterprobs #frozenobsessed
day in the life-thebusybudgetingmama8

I’m working up some fun DIY’s for Christmas presents for the kids!
I was sooo excited to find such similar fabric at Hobby Lobby for the play diapers I’m making them. They match the same diaper my mom made me for my baby dolls! Nostalgia!
I’m also making some felt desserts to go with the tea set we are giving them.
Can you guess our favorite treats?? Some mamas do crossword puzzles when they can’t sleep… I make mini felt carrot cakes and macaroons. haha. I seriously was thinking up felt patterns in my head and couldn’t sleep! I’ll share more on these soon! I have been making patterns so I can share those. If there is enough interest I can post a tutorial too.
I also was able to find some frozen apparel for our miss Sienna at Old Navy. She saw it and really wanted to buy one but I said no… then snuck it in the cart later. bahaha. sneaky mom. Old Navy has had some great sales!
day in the life-thebusybudgetingmama4

It’s shipping week for HAPPY MOMMY BOX!
Our boxes have taken over our office here in Charlotte. (first floor of our townhouse.)
We are looking at warehouse spaces because we are busting out. It’s a great problem to have. but kind of stressful! We are jumping to even more boxes next month… so… slight panic attack going on haha. Excited to be bringing on a couple new girls for the packing team! yayyy!
and SOOO Thankful for Mandy my business partner who is handling the end of year numbers this week so I can focus on shipping dec box,
our brand spanking new website and expanding!! I do not like that part of owning a business. It hurst my brain. I am the creative type.. we complete each other. haha. We are halfway through crazy week. we got this. Connect with us on our INSTAGRAM!
day in the life-thebusybudgetingmama1

I have naturally wavy/curly hair. With each baby it got a little less curly and more..crazy.
I usually straighten my hair because it’s easier to manage and lasts longer. (dry shampoo I love you.) But lately I haven’t had time to straighten this wildness. So I have been going to my curly hair products to cut down on getting ready time! Here are some products I’m loving and use every time I wear my hair curly! I’m gonna try to do a tutorial and show the steps one of these days! I do all my hair product shopping at target. because I live there.
Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding- tub for $22
Loreal TXT IT Tousle Waves Spray – $3.99
Garnier Fructis Styling De-Constructed Beach Chic Texturizing Spray – $3.49
day in the life-thebusybudgetingmama5

I kind of can’t wait for Christmas morning.
Seeing these three play together is so fun…
and I can’t wait to see their giddy faces when they come down those steps.
They love each other. and drive each other bonkers at the same time.
a good balance of crazy goes on in our house. ;)
The other day Micah put his head on sienna’s shoulder while they watched a show on the floor. If that wasn’t cute enough sienna then proceeded to loudly whisper momm momm look!! And was about to burst with happiness. Moments later he hit her on the head with his hammer. The end.
day in the life-thebusybudgetingmama7

How are you doing today??
Hope you realize how amazing and beautiful you are.
Have a great rest of your day!
Hugs from your e-friends here in charlotte :)
Connect with us on INSTAGRAM! I’m over there sharing daily.

Our New Mattress- Comfortaire

Ben and I have been married for 7 years. we got pregnant 3 months after we tied the knot. the days of sleeping ended 9 months after that. officially ended. Our babies have never been the best sleepers…thus making our nights of sleep always chopped up. I think they had better success of sleep training me then them! We’ve hit a point now where our kids 6,4 and 2 sleep better at night…but I was still waking up consistently. I tossed and turned all night long. our mattress didn’t help at all. sliding into the center wasn’t exactly the comfort level I was needing to fall asleep and STAY asleep. When you have kids keeping you active all day… kids sleeping through the night is gold.
But you want to sleep when they sleep! Our mattress was so wonky that I tossed and turned all night in it. fail.

When Comfortaire contacted me about trying out their product……
I said umm. Yes. a big old fat YESSS PLEASEEEEE!
My husband might have texted all the emojis when I told him.

It arrived. and looked like heaven.
I wasn’t home when it came and my husband called me
multiple times letting me know how it felt. haha.
The Comfortaire mattress uses air to provide adjustable support.
You have remotes for each side where you can choose your support level.
I like having the mattress a little more firm.. but I’ve been loving
having the option to change it up!
Ben loves his remote. :) And now if we could only figure
out a way to use this to make micah slow down……

It’s incredible. I’m not even exaggerating.
For the first time in years, I’m actually sleeping straight through the night.
I don’t wake up until a kid wakes me up. I call that a win.

Our kiddos are active, cute little bundles of energy.
I need sleep to handle motherhood.
If you are looking for a mattress, you need to seriously consider making this investment
because it is a game changer.
Sleep better. Feel better. Live better!

A well rested mommy is a happy mommy.
It’s been great having more energy with these littles.
I am a night person..but I went to bed early the first few weeks we
had the mattress because I was so excited about sleeping on it haha.

Connect with Comfortaire on Facebook Twitter and Instagram!
They have some great sales going on now so take advantage!

Thank you to Comfortaire for sponsoring this post and helping me sleep better!
My whole family thanks you ;) #notamorningperson #bettersleepbettermommy

HAPPY MOMMY BOX, Motherhood + Friendship

thebusybudgeingmama-bff1This past weekend Mandy and her family came to visit for our HAPPY MOMMY BOX One Year Anniversary Event. I was counting down the days till we would all be together…
Ever since the 4 weeks previous when I threw this idea on Mandy and convinced her with my enthusiasm we could totally pull it off on such short notice…..haha.
Mandy and I met at a blog Conference in Dallas 18 months ago. Clicked immediately and I saw in her the same friendship I had with Shannon. She was an authentic and joyful person. It’s important to surround yourself with people who lift you up and help you grow. It seems crazy we’ve only been together in real life 6 times…but that’s the crazy thing about the internet. You can do amazing things through it. Our blogs brought us together and we both have used our passion to celebrate motherhood and encourage other women into a company that is bigger than all of the big ideas I initially started it with. I’m the wow person. Mandy is the how person. We even each other out well. She calls me out on the crazy.. and I call her into action when she might not otherwise jump at it. I love how we compliment each other in the business sense…
but even more how we fit together as friends.
Motherhood can be exhausting and overwhelming and I feel lucky to have
some pretty incredible women in my life. Mandy is one of them.

She is one of the most humble and genuine people I know. She never ceases to amaze me with how set on God her heart is. Before we went on stage to greet the women at our event, she grabbed my hands and prayed for the women out there. Later in the night she had gathered all the balloons and told me we were going to send them up for shannon.
I read on Mandy’s instagram that at the event my mom came up to her and hugged her saying, “I don’t know where you cam from but God just dropped you right down into our lives and I am so glad He did.” I love doing motherhood with mandy and sharing this experience of HAPPY MOMMY BOX with her. It’s been incredible seeing where it’s going and what it can do for our families and the women in our community.

It’s a lot of work and some days I can feel completely incapable, not business savvy enough and unsure if I’m doing any good for His Kingdom. Seeing this snapshot Karen snuck during our One Year Event makes my heart soar. Remembering that room filled with women wanting to celebrate motherhood and knowing their true encouragement and inspiration comes from Him gives me that boost. Working with eternity in mind makes all the crazy moments worth it. I don’t have to be perfect but just hands open to His will and taking those steps forward.

Everywhere I go people ask me about my tote bag and tee. (I wear it a lot because it’s so comfortable!! and the tote bag holds everything and a little more.
Moms always grab my arm and say yessss.. that’s what I say!
(In regards too when people see you with all your kids and say “wow you’ve got your hands full!” What exactly do they want us to say?? I have loved how HAPPY MOMMY BOX started as a way to connect with moms right at their door step and give them a boost through a care package…and now we are introducing our own shop items that help moms celebrate motherhood. It’s about more than giving yourself a boost.. it’s about encouraging other moms when they see your tote or tee.. about being that conversation starter and spark those mom friendships! I’ve already made new friends just over wearing my tote bag! haha.
We jam packed the weekend with fun. I wish they lived closer so we could do this more often! Micah was tuckered out with all the boy activity going on in our house. ;)

I can’t wait to share more about the event we threw…sooo many fun photos and videos to come! But I couldn’t let another day go by without sharing about having our families together. I LOVED every moment. even the crazy ones where we came home from a work “date night” and all our kids were up still ready to party…boycotting sleeping with the sitters on duty. I couldn’t believe how well our kids played together. mandy’s boys are all boy.. and my girls.. well they can hold their own with boys but they mix in elsa twirls when pillow fighting. They had a blast together. It was fun seeing the hubbies together too. We are a team. and it was cool being able to be together and do life together, not just work!

These sweet little faces… I could just gobble them up.

Sunday we went to the park to let these wild things get some energy out and ended up taking some fun photos and I LOVE how they turned out. Mandy and I took turns snapping away!thebusybudgeingmama-bff11

Sophia loved that we both had boots on ;)
She’s rocking her “cowgirl” boots that she wears for horse riding lessons.
I feel like I blinked and suddenly I have a toothless grown up girl
who likes to chat all day and all night. Love her so much.

These boys got a run down on ballet positions and elsa moves.
pretty good rose boys.. pretty good!thebusybudgeingmama-bff10thebusybudgeingmama-bff8

The kids LOVED being in the happy mommy box office together and doodled all over the “brown boxes” as the girls call them. (the boxes brand items are sent in)
We thought it was so cute seeing all the happy faces they were doodling.

I remember when I started reading blogs…I would see blog ladies connecting and
forming friendships and meeting in real life and throwing parties or events and I just loved it.
all of it. I wanted that for me but didn’t see how that could happen.
The crazy thing is… most of my really close friends I have either met through
my blog/instagram… or because we had mutual friends and they knew more about me
from my blog and thought we would be great friends..and they were right!
At first I didn’t realize this common ground…but then when I would be hanging out
with friends and introducing them to other people…I realized most of my answers to
“how did you guys meet”…was..”through my blog I guess!?”

I’m thankful for these friendships. And encourage anyone who is feeling isolated and wanting
a true friend…. don’t give up. don’t turn in and close off. Sometimes you have to put
yourself out there to find these great friendships. Doesn’t mean you have to start a blog
and share your life in that way… but go to that moms’ group you have been avoiding going to. Go up to that lady in target whose kids look crazy like your kids. go up to that lady in the
back of church because she is probably feeling the same way…….
“I want a true friend.”
I learned to make the conscience decision to start a conversation with other women
I see when out, even when It might feel awkward..because I’ve had moments I
wanted someone to reach out to me. Women desire community. we want more than
chit chat about how old your kids are. We want to share our hearts and learn and build
each other up. So maybe this weekend… take that risk and put yourself out there.
I flew to Texas knowing barely a soul in real life attending…
and one of the greatest friendships I’ve had, came through it.

You don’t have to try so hard

I know a lot of people have heard the song, ‘Try’ by Colbie Caillet.
I was on Shannon’s facebook page tonight…
sometimes I end up there when I’m missing her.
I guess it makes me think of when she was still here and I would be all the way up in pittsburgh and she would pop up on my screen and we
would exchange baby and life updates, miss you’s and call you laters.

‘Try’ came on my spotify playlist. Tears starting rolling down my face.
“You don’t have to try so hard…” Today on the drive home from church I was talking to God.
I told Him how I feel this burden to DO. and to TRY. and I just need Him. and I know He can
do everything better than I ever could. I wanted to give Him all of these things on my heart.
The busy I feel. The sadness I feel.

I remember going to see a movie with Shannon and Cassie back when
we were in high school. a very popular girly chick flick.
I remember all of us sitting in the car in the parking lot..and Shannon started crying.
She started sharing her heart and she summed it up by
saying, “I just want to find real love. I want to be loved.”
And I’ll never forget that conversation. It’s the reality of what all of us want.
How often do we try so hard to be loved, to be approved of, to be admired…
and we are…
You don’t have to try so hard.
That love we want is only going to come from one place.
otherwise we’ll keep on looking and striving and not feeling fulfilled.
Shannon found that love. She is with Him and He loves
her in that most complete and fulfilling way that she desired.

As I drove home from church tonight…
the song Oceans came on.

I loveee this song.
it makes my burdened heart find some peace as I sing it and pray it,
“I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves.
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine.”

I hope you find some comfort tonight in those words…
You are His. Give Him your burdens. give Him your sadness.
Don’t worry about chasing your dreams.
Just say yes to HIS dreams for you.

You don’t have to try so hard.

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