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Rewarding Good Behavior with Nipper Notes


I love systems that help reduce the crazy and promote good behavior!
We are using Nipper Notes as a way of helping the girls focus on tasks and be rewarded for completing them! They love a prize and working towards something.


We downloaded our Nipper Notes and Reward Chart from their website. It’s a GREAT price and an immediate download! So you can get started right away. Then we sat down together to go over the tasks for each child..some being the same. Then you put how much each task is worth and the reward they get when they reach certain numbers! They loved chatting with me coming up with ways to be helpful. Our rewards for different amounts earned are ‘Get Ice cream’, ‘Go to Fire Station’ and then ‘Go to Movies’. They were squealing and pumped ready to start! All of their tasks have something to do with chores or being extra helpful or kind.NipperNotes3-TheBusyBudgetingMama

The best part about Nipper Notes is that they look like play money, which is right up my girls’ alley right now as they are all about saving money in their piggy banks or playing with pretend money at their play market! It’s a great way to teach kids about money in a fun way.
We have a special spot to put the nipper notes they’ve earned for good behavior or completing tasks… but I also let them use it for pretend play. They love them! and I love when they are busy bees playing NICELY together! haha.NipperNotes2-TheBusyBudgetingMama

You can download your own Nipper Notes and start rewarding
good behavior with your own little system!
USE CODE BUSY50 to get 50% OFF your Nipper Notes!
(Discount Code Expires July 8th)
You can also check them out on Facebook!

Fruit Party! – A New Start of Summer Tradition!

Yesterday afternoon we had to run to the grocery store for the basics. I am just getting over the worst part of a cold and was wanting all the healthy things! plus we had ZERO toilet paper. It was kind of a forced outing. ;) We were getting strawberries, when the girls started pointing out all these “cool fruits” we hadn’t had in forever. specifically the kiwi. or bikini as sienna kept calling them??
So I decided that we should have our very own FRUIT PARTY! The girls were FREAKING.
Include party.. and a food in the same sentence.. and they are pumped.
I think the produce guy restocking, thought we were ridiculous. haha. Party time!
Fruit Party - TheBusyBudgetingMama1

Things were busy as soon as we got home so the fruit party didn’t happen till after dinner. Sophia said it could be our dessert. Micah was a part of the fruit party..but spent most of it eating in his high chair. otherwise it would have been turned into a fruit throwing party aka timeout party. He’s wild and too many of these fruits look like balls. in his defense.
I put out our trusty tablecloth I got at target a few years back (it’s vinyl?? or something easy to clean up.) Then we put out the new crayons and “crayon holder” we snagged at target earlier that day. The tin is in the dollar bin ($3) and perfect for the kids craft time! I love to color…so we just colored away together looking at the fruits and trying to draw them. I’m not an artist..but I realized I said that once or twice and sophia corrected me like mom are you kidding me you’re amazing.. so.. note to self… never saying I’m not good at coloring in front of the kids again.
a little sophia life lesson in the middle of our fruit party. ;)
Fruit Party - TheBusyBudgetingMama2

And now for the main event of the FRUIT PARTY…
Cutting open the fruit. This was hilarious because every slice brought a “oooooo what’s going to be insideeeee ahhh!!” commentarty from my girls. every. single. fruit. haha.
They loved seeing the insides and I thought they were all so pretty.
I loved seeing the girls inspect the fruits and seeds and comparing and picking their favorites.
Fruit Party - TheBusyBudgetingMama5

Next up we served up a few slices of each fruit for the girls!
(.75 plates from target. ps not a target post I just don’t shop anywhere else these days.)
They LOVED sampling the fruits.. even though they’ve had all of these before at one point… they haven’t had them all together before and it was like an explosion of fruit amazingness to them.
Fruit Party - TheBusyBudgetingMama3

It was an after dinner thing. nothing too fancy. but too them, it was epic.
They said it was the best party idea ever. and that they wished daddy was here for it but that he could eat the fruit when he got home for work. hehe cuties.
When I tucked them in bed last night they both said we had to do this every year…
Mophia: “what day is it?? we need to remember to do this next year!!”
Me: “Why don’t we just do it at the start of summer.. it can be our little tradition”
Girls: “YESSSSSS.”
So it’s decided. A Fruit Party officially kicks off summer now.
Fruit Party - TheBusyBudgetingMama4

Coloring time continued… and I was surprised with this little masterpiece.
heart bursting. insert all the heart emojis here.
Fruit Party - TheBusyBudgetingMama6

I just fed the crew breakfast..and now my husband is braiding the girls’ hair while I post this… Hubby of the year. I think the girls love it even more when he does
it because they know how hard he tries. haha.
Hope you have a wonderful morning and consider
throwing your own FRUIT PARTY as we kick off summer! It’s a fun + tasty tradition.

Sneak Peek – Celebrate Motherhood Retreat

 The event we’ve been planning and praying for… finally came!
Mandy and I, with our company, HAPPY MOMMY BOX, hosted our first Celebrate Motherhood Retreat this past saturday here in Rock Hill, SC and it was incredible!
I’ve just been blown away with the feedback and the whole experience.
From the start of HAPPY MOMMY BOX, I knew I wanted to one day gather mothers together to encourage and celebrate them. Help them refocus on their mommy mission. So having this come together was an incredible feeling. I love that I got on stage and said “I’m now going to open with an interpretive dance” and everyone was totally on board. haha.. They were like yessss.. a dancee!! They were ready for a party.
ps.I didn’t dance.Sneak Peek-Celebrate Motherhood Retreat1

I’ve loved reading the take aways from the women that came. Angela shared (this photo) and how she learned so much during the opening session by @jessaconnolly.
This is part of what Angela shared – “I’m encouraged to take myself out of the running. For mom of the year… For the best homeschool teacher… For the mom who cooks all organic, heck for the mom who always cooks! Lol!! Balance, margin and learning what I do well and what I don’t. Making peace with it. For living MY purpose and no one else’s. Looking ahead to the prize, Keeping my focus on Him.”Sneak Peek-Celebrate Motherhood Retreat4

One of the best comments I heard from a mama who came, was that she walked in and felt like it was totally approachable and not intimidating…That it was the best decision she made for herself in a long time and she heard things she was really needing. We really wanted the moms to come, feel welcome and able to go deep.
Sneak Peek-Celebrate Motherhood Retreat8
Sneak Peek-Celebrate Motherhood Retreat5

The evening it ended, when driving home to check in with my babes…a car full of cake stands, flower pots and random party prep…I just thanked God for letting me be a part of this whole thing He planted in our hearts. He showed up, the women showed up, and I felt a “these mamas are gonna do amazing things” feeling in that room. No doubt going home they weren’t eased into motherhood, but shoved, haha, so praying for all the women who attended and that they continue to realize that they are not alone, they have a God that is so in love with them and chose them for this mommy mission. They are doing incredible work in those big and small moments with their little ones. Thankful for everyone who came and everyone who helped. Especially my muscle man hubby for his support and hands on help… Our Packing Manager, Kate, for working our shop table like a champ, and my partner on this mommy encouragement mission Mandy. So many friends to thank who showed up and supported me and helped. And the amazing speakers + musicians who jumped on board with us and let The Lord use them. I’m so grateful.
(Worship was led by our friends Chris Kincaid and Nichole Broome)Sneak Peek-Celebrate Motherhood Retreat3Sneak Peek-Celebrate Motherhood Retreat7

Mandy and I aren’t in the same city very often….it doesn’t slow us down…
but I treasure those moments we can have our friendship not be states away!
We were able to really focus in on things that are working in our hearts…
pray together and instagram together. haha.Sneak Peek-Celebrate Motherhood Retreat6

But overall, I’m just thankful to have Mandy a part of this journey with me.
She is a beautiful soul and has an incredible heart for women and mothers.
I love that she views our work the same way I do, as mission work for the kingdom!
Because that’s what it really is. When you view life with eternity in mind..and that God has a mission for you… you discover an incredible power. You realize that it’s not about you and it’s about His plan and purpose for you. It’s not about what you can do or where you have failed.. your strengths or your shortcomings…it’s about seeing He is in control and can do incredible things. There is freedom in knowing it’s not all up to you! This applies to all areas of life..the big and small moments.. work.. ministry.. family.. it’s all worship. it’s all for Him.
ps. both of our dresses are from target. of course. haha.
Sneak Peek-Celebrate Motherhood Retreat2

More to share soon but for now I wanted to post these photos taken by our beautiful friend Karen of Hidden Pearl Photography.
You can check out what others are sharing about the Retreat by following the #celebratemotherhoodretreat hashtag on Instagram!

DIY’s + Planning our Celebrate Motherhood Retreat

We are in crunch mode as we finish planning for our Celebrate Motherhood Retreat!

We started HAPPY MOMMY BOX as a care package service to reach out and encourage and uplift moms… it evolved into a shop where we sell items to help celebrate motherhood.. and now we finally are hosting our first gathering of women. We talked about this stage since the start
and it’s too crazy and exciting that it’s almost here!
You can see more details about the event here: Celebrate Motherhood Retreat.
(We even have a share program where you can earn $$ when people buy tickets through you!
We have had a surge of last minute mamas grabbing tickets.. love it!!)

I’ve been working on a lot of DIY projects to pull this event together…
lots of special details to show them we care!
We want the moms to be able to recharge and leave with a full tank to tackle motherhood.

Love how our swag bags turned out!
I designed our logo and then did the graphic in solid pink for our totes.
Retreat Planning3-TheBusyBudgetingMama

We are having a little Pop Up Shop with all of our Happy Mommy Box shop items
I was on the hunt for a few saturdays in a row looking for a shelf at garage sales.
Found this cutie for EIGHT BUCKS! Solid and just needed a little love.
I used Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint (Home Depot) in Primitive.
Not the best after photo but I’ll get some cute shots of the pop up shop set up to share!
We are going to use this for our mugs and tumblers. :)Retreat Planning-TheBusyBudgetingMama

I knew I wanted a big statement wall for the main stage.
I knew It had to be easy to take to the hotel and set up.
So humongous foam boards were perfect! They fit in the back of the pick up truck and they are easy to carry..and just prop up against the wall. I found some cool vintage books at the humane society’s thrift store near us. Ripped some pages out and mod podged them on.
I have another detail for the backdrop but I’ll wait to share that with the final result!
I love how ben came home from work while I was working on this project on the back deck, and it didn’t even phase him. He’s used to my crazy. ;)
The kids have been loving playing outside so I took full advantage of the three of them playing in the sandbox while I worked on this project. 2 more panels to go!
Retreat Planning2-TheBusyBudgetingMama

Kind of random projects right now but I can’t wait to share how it all is working together.
Planning a retreat is fun and exhausting and I love the direction we’ve taken with our company. I always want to be open to where it’s supposed to go…
I love this quote by Hayley Morgan
“All the hustle in the world doesn’t matter if the Lord isn’t leading the business.”
I’ll tell you this, everything is more fulfilling when you work with eternity in mind.

I’ll share more later! You can follow a long on INSTAGRAM
with #celebratemotherhoodretreat!

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