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Pirate Play Date- Toddler Friendly Pirate Details!

 Earlier this week I had some mom friends and their kids come over for a Pirate Play-date!
Summer has been flying by and I really wanted
to get all of us together for some fun and catching up.
I wish our house was bigger so I could have invited all the mamas I know! :)
We had fun chatting and snacking and letting the children run wild.
Our little pirates enjoyed themselves.
I had fun creating toddler friendly pirate details for the play date.
My girls love pirates..but not “real” pirates..
so I made up little friendly koala jolly rogers instead of using scary skulls.
I wanted to put together a spread of fun treats and snacks!
and I had to make printables..I’m a sucker for labels. ;)
Here’s a list of what I made for our Pirate Play Date treats!
–I made a shark watermellon..sophia saw one at a grad party this
summer and LOVED it. (If you like carving will love making the shark..
I don’t love carving pumpkins…haha.) But it was worth the smiles from my girls.
the photos below are of when I showed them the pirate spread. :)
They were soooo excited!
I “mellon balled” the inside of the watermellon..but used my cookie scoop….
soooo…let’s just say the mellon looked a little mangled.
went with the shark theme. hehe.
–My girls also LOVE peaches right now.
So I made up little sails and taped them to toothpicks and
stuck them in the peaches to make little ships.
–We had pirate punch…lemonade.
I was going to to do “sea water” (blue lemonade)
but didn’t have the right food coloring!
–I wanted an excuse to make peanutblossoms…my favorite cookie.
So I used upside down chunks of hershey bars (leftover from a bonfire night)
and made Walk the Plank Cookies!
–Chocolate Covered Raisins for Canon Balls
(Or you could use Cheetos Balls)
–I made up blue jello in little cups with swedish fish as shark bait.
That was a hit with the kids. My husband kept giving me a hard time the night before while i made them…asking if I was doing jello shots with my mom friends. har…har..
Psh I don’t even know what a jello shot is………. ;)
–And cheese is a toddler favorite!
So made up some Cheese chunks as Pirate Gold…
and Crackers as Polly’s Crackers!
DIGGING FOR TREASURE - Luckily the torrential crazy insane
rain storm let up for a few hours so we could play outside!
I burried some dollar store “treasure” in our sandbox and let them dig away!
I made up and printed off some fun easy DIY Pirate hats..
let the mamas staple the construction paper to be the right size for their child’s head.
PIRATE SHIP BATTLES - Once the heat got to be too much..
we headed back inside for some play time!
I LOVE my Dollar Store. they are awesome. I go in like every 6 months to ask about boxes in the back and they load me up! They let me use a dolly. ;)
I cut the sides off 2 of the boxes so the kids could climb on in to their ships..
but ended up needing more ships for the kids so dragged
in more plain boxes from the other room!
I made cardboard swords from the leftover scraps of the boxes.
They had some good giggles while playing pirates in their ships!

It was so nice having these lovely ladies and their kids over!
I thought it was funny how so many of them told me how well their kids napped that day..
That’s what we did in our house when everyone left… a longg family nap time. ;)
I’ll be adding the Pirate Printables to my Etsy Shop later this week.
I think other moms would appreciate a more toddler friendly pirate theme too!
You could use these for play dates or birthday parties.

I’ll be sharing more play date ideas on my blog.
I think moments like this are fun for both kids and moms. :)
We mamas need the support from each other..and our kids…
well…it’s always fun to be a pirate crew!

The Busy Budgeting Mama

DIY Easter Ideas – Kid Activities, Basket & Eggs Inspiration Board

I wanted to put together some ideas
for Easter Activities with kids…
DIY details to put in the Easter basket..
and Egg inspiration!
I love the little Peep Pal and the He is Risen Donut Tomb….

How are you connecting the Easter Bunny to the
reason for celebrating Easter?? (Jesus’ Resurrection!!)
I told the girls the story..that after Jesus died for us on the cross..
he was put in a tomb with a biggggg rock blocking the door.
But Jesus moved it and angels came and he went to heaven and opened it up for us!!
So one day we could be with Him there too!
And the little Easter Bunny saw allllll of this amazing ness happen and
ever since has been bringing treats on Easter to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead!
The girls love the story. Would love to track down a book that is similar.
let me know if you have the name of one!
Enjoy these great links. (all listed below)
1. Intense Egg Dyeing Tips by Design Mom
2. Glittered Eggs by Martha Stewart
3. Bunny Finger Puppets by purl bee.
4. Little Peep Pal by Michael Ann Made
5. Kool-Aid Egg Dyeing Guide found on Pinterest (original source unknown. do you know it??)
6. Neon Dip-Dyed Easter Eggs by Oh Joy
7. Easter Egg Finger Puppets by wild olive
8. Chevron Easter Eggs by BonBon Rose Girls
9. Washi Tape Easter Eggs by lovely indeed
10. Creative Play Easter Basket by modern parents messy kids
11. Jesus is Risen Paper Craft by Totally Tots
12. He is Risen Tomb Snack Activity ound on Pinterest (original source unknown. do you know it??)
13. “Hands on” Easter Chick Activity by that artist woman
14. Cookies in Egg Carton (great gifting idea/inspiration!) by
15. Paper Plate Easter Bunny by free preschool crafts

The Busy Budgeting Mama

Chocolate Dipping Exchange- Awesome as it sounds.

A friend of mine hosted this get together..
it was a play date….from HEAVEN!
I had never heard of, or even thought of, doing
a Chocolate Dipping Exchange Party (playdate)
But it’s genius. Colleen, (I know you read this….) you’re a genius!! ;)

It was really fun seeing what everyone showed up with to dip!
We chatted..melted chocolate..made yummy treats and
while everything dried the kids kept playing and the moms kept talking.
then at the end everyone packaged up a portion of each to take home!
Thanks Colleen for hosting such a fun party idea!
You should all try this.. it was cool. and yummy.

I brought E.L. Fudge Cookies..
because they are sorta like oreos..but something different.
Amazingness.. that’s all I can say. and they were eaten very fast. that too.

The Busy Budgeting Mama

Our Kids’ Cookie Decorating Play Date

A couple weeks before Christmas
I hosted a Cookie Decorating Play Date!
It was really fun seeing their creativity go wild!
And I was impressed with how clean the floor was at the end of this. ;)
Cookie Decorating Party would be a great
theme for a child’s birthday party!
Or have a grown up one and pull out the fancy cookie decorating books for inspiration.
This post is making me go into a sugar come just looking at it. ;)

1. Bought pre-made sugar cookies from Grocery Store’s Bakery
(Know the bakers so got a discount! But best purchase..saved time and a dirty kitchen :)

2. I had each of the moms bring sprinkles to add to the mix!
(I loved seeing the variety.. and the kids loved contributing to the fun table!)

I put out sugar cones and M&M’s for the
kids to decorate as trees! 
Some of them rolled the frosted cones in sprinkles! super cute.

Sophia’s looked like one big blob of Christmas! haha. very festive. ;)
She had no interest in eating was all about the making pretty!

How cute are my mom and sienna on the bottom left??? :)
Sienna loves to shoosh people right now.

SUPPLIES: (had, bought or brought by others)
Sugar CookiesGiant Eagle
Square Green Paper Plates – Target
Green Square Containers – Dollar Store
Red Bowls (3 or 4 pack) –  Dollar Store
Homemade Icing: Classic Vanilla Buttercream – (I made the morning of. LOVED it.)
Sugar Cones – Giant Eagle Brand
Circle Trays – Dollar Store (Re-used for Cookie Exchange Trays)
Sprinkles – Brought by all the moms.
Snowflake Tablecloth- Target (on sale from last year)
Red Disposable Plastic Tablecloths-Target 3 pack

The Busy Budgeting Mama