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Body after Baby- Reality of the First Days

I haven’t really been following the social media frenzy over the royal baby…
But I have to admit I did google once, “royal baby” to see photos of Kate and baby.
She is such a beautiful and elegant woman..I knew she would just be glowing after baby!
I am excited for her, just as much as any other woman, who has had their first baby.
It’s an amazing experience!! But your body needs time to go back to normal..
and it’s nice seeing everyone talking so positively about this.
A blog friend (a mommy in the city) posted on her facebook a great article
from babble titled “Kate’s Awesomly Normal Post-Birth Belly” HAD TO READ!
Such a great article.. and It made me laugh because just YESTERDAY I had come across a photo I took of myself hours after I gave birth to Micah.
I never shared it…I just wanted it for me!
But seeing how she embraced (on purpose or not) the reality of your body after baby,
by wearing a tighter fitting dress…
It made me want to share my experience!
Sometimes you really aren’t aware of details like this when you
are having a baby for the first time. My face was a weeeee puffy.
Probably from all the ugly screaming in pain. YAYyyyyy. ;)
My belly went in a lot faster with my first two.. that’s for sure.
But nursing really helped it to speed up the process
and contract my uterus back to it’s normal size.
HA..such a torpedo belly!!

One thing I had no clue about when I had a baby…
was leaking milk! I was like WHAT?! haha.
Breast Pads became my best friends. Not sure I want my post-birth photo
DIRECTLY next to kate’s amazing photos haha. But hey, she had a team to
make an already gorgeous girl even more beautiful. It is what it is ;)
I love remembering those first moments holding Micah.
My heart felt so full… and so in shock that I had a boy!
Love the polka dot gowns ;)

Yay for celebrating motherhood and the amazing process of pregnancy and birth.
So happy for them…they look so happy! :)

The Busy Budgeting Mama

Learning to love Myself Postpartum

7 months postpartum…
Some days I feel like one hot mama…
and others I let my insecurities get the best of me.

My post baby weight loss is at a standstill.
Everything I’ve lost so far has come off from nursing, chasing kids and
going to the gym “ever so often.” I eat healthy but haven’t gone crazy over it.
I am realizing that getting my body back after my 3rd baby is going to take
more effort than with my first two! With them, I nursed it ALL off.
But Micah doesn’t nurse as much (shocking I know.)
I’m really trying to love myself more… and that means to take time to get healthy…
but even more, to not focus on the “problem” areas every time I see a photo of myself.
Harder said than done! 
I am so not brave enough to post a photo of me with no makeup…
but this is with a swipe of foundation. As natural as I can go…
and this is a big step for me!!!! haha. (I feel lame being that girly but its’ true.)
 These sweet little ones are the reasons for
my under eye circles…
the stretch marks..
the dirty hair on top of my head.
Totally worth it.
This post is for all the mamas who are feeling like me!
You are beautiful and courageous and sacrificial.
Try to love yourself today…and realize that God looks at you
and is so in love. Like insanely in love with you.
And He sees the things you have given up or had to bear…
and He takes note of each and every hardship or cross you have carried.
From the big sufferings in life that can leave us feeling worn…
to the “small” crosses of longggggg nights up with WIDE AWAKE babies. ;)

I hope that my inner beauty will shine through…
past my blemishes and squeezy arms. ;)
I hope that I can learn to see the beauty in myself that God sees in me.
I hope that insecurities never hold me back.
and that my girls learn to love themselves…..
by seeing their mama love herself.

“You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.”
Song of Solomon 4:7

“You have captivated my heart, my sister, my bride; you have captivated
my heart with one glance of your eyes, with one jewel of your necklace.”
Song of Solomon 4:9

The Busy Budgeting Mama

My Sister’s new line with Target: BUMPED by BLANQI- My Postpartum Miracle Worker!

This is it!!
The post I’ve been teasing you about for over a month!
Excited to finally share with you the new
BUMPED by BLANQI Line that my sister, Valerie,
and her best friend, Sabina, just launched exclusively at!

My sister and sabina are the founders of BLANQI and created a maternity support tank…
I loved my BLANQI..wore it all through my pregnancy with Micah.
Even documenting my growing bump in it each week.
But after I had him I always wished I had something similar to my BLANQI to help smooth me out and make me feel pretty! (I’m 5 months postpartum) I was not the only one!
Valerie and Sabina heard our plea and created not only a new maternity cami, but a Postpartum a more affordable option to their original line. only $34.
It’s for sale on I’m wearing the Black Nursing Cami size S/M in these photos.
I also have the black M/L :) (Pants from Kohl’s. Top from H&M. Shoes from Target)
Check out my video review below!
I decided to include the dorky outtakes. for your viewing pleasure. haha.

Visit to see their line!
So proud of my sister and Sabina.
BUMPED by BLANQI Postpartum Nursing Cami- Black or Ivory $34.99
BUMPED by BLANQI Maternity Support Cami – Black or Ivory $34.99

Couple key things about my BUMPED Cami:
1. It’s a soft light material.. very breathable…tight enough to make you feel secure and slim..but not restricting. wicks away sweat.

2. The straps feel invisible! there are two thin soft straps on each side
and they don’t dig into your shoulders at all… comfy.
that was one of the first things I noticed. so many times tanks that are made to smooth you out are too restricting especially in the straps and chest area. this one is under the bust for easy nursing so you don’t even have to worry about being smooshed there.

3. It helps smooth me out as I work towards losing the baby weight. It is SO easy to give yourself a hard time about your body after you have a baby…having garments that help you feel good about yourself as you work towards your goal is important.

4. I found myself, even as I lost weight from nursing, still wearing baggy big clothes because of some bumps here or there.. but once I put my BUMPED cami
on I felt like I could wear those tighter fitting shirts again!

Like I said in the video, BLANQI asked me to find some great blogging mamas to try out the new line. I rounded up a great group of girls, both maternity and postpartum, and they will be sharing their video reviews every day for the next couple weeks! a couple a day! So you will be able to check out what they think about they wear it.. AND enter their giveaways!
(A BUMPED by BLANQI Cami and Target Gift Card!)
 Lots of baby bumps and postpartum mamas out there…so go check them out.
I’ll be linking them up all week on The Busy Budgeting Mama Facebook Page.

Follow me on Instagram if you don’t already to see a pop up giveaway…
win one for you and a friend!

Thank you val and sabina for
looking out for us postpartum mamas.

The Busy Budgeting Mama

Toddler Logic-Where Babies Come From.

This time last year…. we found out we were pregnant with Micah!
We were at my cousin’s wedding. I was a bridesmaid.
Big Irish wedding on St. Patrick’s Day!
It was a FUN weekend.

I remember the night of the rehearsal dinner putting my dress on and just being confused.
Even with going to the gym almost daily to run…my tummy was popping out!
I had thought I was pregnant for a week or so but 2 tests were negative.
I finally was like…no way…something is up! haha.
So the morning of the wedding ben walked from our
hotel, in the city, to a drug store and picked up a test.
And here we are…
in a hotel room(it was a double room) with my sister and her family..
everyone is coming soon to do hair and makeup.
We couldn’t hold it in and waste the chance to tell our family in person!
My plan was to only tell our immediate family and wait to tell my cousin, the bride, and everyone else another day… but my sister val spilled the beans. ;)

We first told sophie…and her reaction was priceless.
sienna…not so interested. my purse was more fun.
Love how Sophie’s first response, besides excitement, was
trying to figure out how the baby got in my tummy.
I know a lot of mamas loveeee being pregnant.
I am not one of those mamas.
I get sick. have contractions for months
(even going time-able for weeks before baby!)
BUT… the one part I love and miss from being pregnant is the baby movements.
It seriously is incredible. Especially when you look back and watch… 
I am looking down in my lap at Micah’s sweet face and am still
in shock that he fit in my belly! haha. He tried to escape a lot.
All of the pain and uncomfortableness of being pregnant is so worth it.
especially when you look back at moments like this….

The Busy Budgeting Mama

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