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Baby #4 – 21 Week Bump


I can’t believe we are already here with baby #4!
21 weeks and my bump is large and in charge. Craving Reese’s peanut butter cups + grapes.
Baby is kicking away and finally not causing me horrible constant morning sickness!
I am having HORRIBLE back/hip/sciatic nerve pain. Going to go to a PT to try and get some help with it…It’s painful to sleep these days. and sit and stand. soo.. yeah.
not sure how that’ll get any better as I get bigger without some help!
Had this with micah closer to the end and it went away as soon as he was born!
We love this baby so much already.. And even though random cute old church ladies keep telling us “ohh god bless youu!” (Aka WOW) I’ll take it.. He definitely is blessing us. Bring on the crazy.
{PS. Got this dress at Target 
for $12 on clearance instead of the normal $25!
Just got a $9 black and white stripe dress too. Just as comfy as this one!
Loving these sales and the cartwheel app!
Check your target I’ve gone to a few and found them there! Super comfy!}

We went for an ultrasound this week.
The baby flipped around SO MUCH and was waving his/her arms and legs!
We could have found out what we were having…
but we are waiting!
It’s one of the last big surprises left in life.. so we are gonna hang tight and
wait to find out if we are having a little brother or sister!

I love the arm shot and the cute profile. and the spine shot where you can how the baby is stretching and flipping around! Get your wiggles out now baby cause soon it’s gonna be a little cramped in there ;)

I can always count on ben to keep me laughing, even when I’m exhausted.
haha. goof ball.

Sophia said it looks like a boy baby. ;)
My heart in church almost burst thinking about how we have another little one that’s going to join our family. Will he or she have curly hair like Sophia? Or wavy brown hair like sienna? Wild like Micah or angel baby like Sophia was?

I’m gonna have to learn how to take selfies with one more in the mix.. running out of lap space but practice makes perfect. ;) I can’t wait to snap photos of these sweet ones with the baby… Already melting just thinking about the cuteness! A blog reader commented with a photo on facebook of her 3 with their new baby sibling and it was too adorable! Can’t wait.baby4-21weeks-5thebusybudgetingmama

Cookie bribery at it’s finest for this photo! You have to take the cookie crumbs with the smiles!
The girls are obsessed with my bump. Sometimes a little too much haha.
But I’m trying to be patient and let them feel
my tummy and give the baby smooches..they are just excited.
Every day sophia tells me how much bigger my bump is getting and
then proceeds to tell me how much bigger it’s going to get.
Both Sienna and Micah seem so old these days and I know once
baby arrives they are going to feel even bigger!
We can’t wait to meet you baby #4 :)

20 Week Baby Bump – MIKAROSE Fashion

I can’t even believe that I’m 20 weeks! Life is definitely keeping me busy and making my pregnancy fly by! I love seeing my girls’ experience the whole thing though. They are SO EXCITED. Dressing my bump was made a whole lot easier with this dress from MIKAROSE. They also just launched a tween line and I grabbed up this cute coral dress for Sophia. I love how MIKAROSE promotes modest + feminine fashion.
I’m wearing their Lori Dress in navy, size medium.
If you go to their website you’ll love what you see! This dress isn’t even a maternity dress.
It’s a size medium but stretchy so it leaves room for my growing bump.
I can’t wait till baby is here..I think I’m going to get one of their dresses for the Baptism!

Sophia LOVED her new dress. I couldn’t get over how sweet she looked.
Sophia is wearing the Coral Dakota Dress in size 7.

She especially loved the fact that it was pink, had a cool
zipper in the back and had POCKETS.
I don’t blame her excitement..pockets are amazing.

Love the styles in their young ladies section! Here’s more.

Sophia is kind of excited to be a big sister again. ;)
Today she came into the kitchen and said mommm I have great news!!
she had a baby doll tucked under her shirt.
this happened 2 more times.
She birthed three beautiful baby girls. maya, maria and ceili. haha ;)
baby fever much around here?MIKAROSE5-THEBUSYBUDGETINGMAMA

This girl can strike a pose. haha. I love that her prayer the other night was thanking God for how He made her. I love her confidence and love for Him. I really want to focus on not looking in the mirror and picking out what I don’t like about myself…Thank God for creating me just the way He did. We live in a culture filled with young girls with insecurities and low self esteem… not loving themselves or the beauty they have within.
I want sophia to always say that prayer! Love her heart so much.MIKAROSE7-THEBUSYBUDGETINGMAMA

We snapped some mommy and daughter photos on Mother’s day.
I’ll share more of the group shots of sophia sienna and me another day.
Loved how comfortable and pretty I felt in this dress. It’s INSANELY comfortable.
Comfort is important when you have 3 big kids and are growing a baby.
I wore this dress another time with some sparkly sandals and no necklace, just earrings.

Hop over to my instagram and enter to win $100 Credit to MIKAROSE!

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!
Stop by tomorrow for an update on the DIY play kitchen I’m
creating out of an old tv entertainment unit! Paint job and faux subway tile done!

BABY #4!

thebusybudgetingmama-baby4We are so excited to announce we are expecting a baby!! Baby #4 is due in October!
Ben and I are excited and freaking out all in one breath haha.
Love these photos because they totally sum up life right now! 4 is backwards…
one balloon is deflating..haha.. a whole lot of crazy and JOY!
We told the kids and they are so excited! I can’t wait to see them experience the whole thing.
(Thanks to my friend Christine for snapping these for us!)thebusybudgetingmama4-baby4

The crazy thing about parenthood and having kids is, you are creating the people you are gonna hang out with when you are older. This is our crew. our people.
I love seeing each of their personalities and what they look like
and can’t wait to see baby #4 in the mix.
Maybe we’ll have another curly haired baby! Either way, we are so thankful and excited.

Sophia has baby fever. Hugging and kissing my belly every time she sees me.
Letting me know daily updates on my growing belly.She really wants a boy for Micah. Sienna is still trying to figure out the whole thing and has requested a girl only. She has come up with lots of names that include princess. Micah copies sophia hugging my belly. I was snuggling with him one night before bed and told him, “say night night baby…” and he said “night night my baby.” heart officially melted. He’ll be almost 3 when baby comes…
which seems crazy to me! He is gonna be a big brother!
Can’t wait to document my growing baby bump again! Having the photos of my growing little ones is one of my most treasured blog posts. I had horrible morning sickness with micah..but I had no idea what was coming this round! WOW. It’s crazy. Trying to offer it up and hang on because I know it won’t last forever. I will spare you the details. no fun.
I’m seeing some freezer meal posts coming soon. Only eating crackers and
banana bread isn’t working for the entire family haha.
We told our family a couple weeks after we found out. I couldn’t keep it a secret and I was having a hard time keeping it together while being so sick. First thing my mom said after screaming and hugging me was “I knew it!! I thought you looked horrible!!” haha.
thanks mom. She meant well ;)

It’s a really exciting time in my family because both my sister in laws and my sister are pregnant as well! We have a new baby coming every 2 months starting in april!
This is the first pregnancy I’ll be so close to my family!  So fun.
My sister and I are sickos together. :) a whole new batch of grand babies are on the way!
God is good! Would love some prayers for all of us and our pregnancies.

We are so excited to share this news with all of you!
Hope you’re having a great day!

Body after Baby- Reality of the First Days

I haven’t really been following the social media frenzy over the royal baby…
But I have to admit I did google once, “royal baby” to see photos of Kate and baby.
She is such a beautiful and elegant woman..I knew she would just be glowing after baby!
I am excited for her, just as much as any other woman, who has had their first baby.
It’s an amazing experience!! But your body needs time to go back to normal..
and it’s nice seeing everyone talking so positively about this.
A blog friend (a mommy in the city) posted on her facebook a great article
from babble titled “Kate’s Awesomly Normal Post-Birth Belly” HAD TO READ!
Such a great article.. and It made me laugh because just YESTERDAY I had come across a photo I took of myself hours after I gave birth to Micah.
I never shared it…I just wanted it for me!
But seeing how she embraced (on purpose or not) the reality of your body after baby,
by wearing a tighter fitting dress…
It made me want to share my experience!
Sometimes you really aren’t aware of details like this when you
are having a baby for the first time. My face was a weeeee puffy.
Probably from all the ugly screaming in pain. YAYyyyyy. ;)
My belly went in a lot faster with my first two.. that’s for sure.
But nursing really helped it to speed up the process
and contract my uterus back to it’s normal size.
HA..such a torpedo belly!!

One thing I had no clue about when I had a baby…
was leaking milk! I was like WHAT?! haha.
Breast Pads became my best friends. Not sure I want my post-birth photo
DIRECTLY next to kate’s amazing photos haha. But hey, she had a team to
make an already gorgeous girl even more beautiful. It is what it is ;)
I love remembering those first moments holding Micah.
My heart felt so full… and so in shock that I had a boy!
Love the polka dot gowns ;)

Yay for celebrating motherhood and the amazing process of pregnancy and birth.
So happy for them…they look so happy! :)

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