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Our 2014 Cookie + Whiskey Exchange Party!

I’ve thrown a couple cookie exchange parties over the years.. (2010. 2011.)
and my husband and I said that the next one I do should be a couples one!
He said we should do a whiskey exchange for the guys. BRILLIANT.
Everyone we talked too loved the idea and we decided to try and fit it in
before Christmas came this year! It was so fun!thebusybudgetingmama-whiskeycookieexchange1

All the girls were told to bring 6 dozen cookies and the guys bring a bottle of whiskey.
They had to text ben a photo of what they got so they didn’t have duplicates. We weren’t so serious about the cookie exchange part. I let everyone bring whatever they felt like making and we ended up with no duplicates! Some couldn’t bring 6 dozen and some made we just winged it and it ended up being great! this was a no stress cookie exchange…
only rule was to bring some cookies and a bottle of whiskey.
I love baking and cookie dough probably more than I like the cookies themselves ;)
I couldn’t live without my scooper though! Makes making cookes so much easier.
Everyone needs this tool in their kitchen!
I didn’t have much time to decorate or plan a big party so I focused on the food…
and printed out my printables that I made for a party a few years ago… just a different color.
Instantly made the party feel festive and put together!
I made Oatmeal Scotchies. :)thebusybudgetingmama-whiskeycookieexchange2
For the table I put out the prizes on a cake stand and our little plates for the girls to put their “sample” cookies on. Each of them put 6 cookies down and marked on the card a number. On the inside they put the name of their cookie and how many they brought.
We cut the cookies up on the plate so everyone could sample a bit of each!
I loved seeing the table fill up with all the cookies!thebusybudgetingmama-whiskeycookieexchange3

For the Whiskey Exchange, ben had gotten a bunch of
mason jars and lined them up on the table. The guys lined up their whiskey
and each jar got 100ml . 7 jars per bottle, with 50ml left in bottle for sampling .
They did the exchange via fantasy football draft style and
picked in order of beard length with longest beard first haha!
We were surrounded by a lot of beards, plaid and whiskey.

Everyone started sampling the cookies and casting their votes using my ballot cards!
It’s fun seeing everyone get into it. focus.. serious decision making going on.

Lots of chatting, snacking and cookie eating going on!
I made some dips: buffallo chick dip..spinach dip. We had french onion dip ranch dip and all sorts of things to dip with! bread pretzels carrots peppers pita chips and wavy chips and tostitos chips. and pigs in a blanket. a classic holiday food in our house ;)
I’m a fan of snacking and talking!thebusybudgetingmama-whiskeycookieexchange10Here are the four winners! They won for Most Creative,
Best Looking, Most Unique and Best Tasting.
Everyone won in the end because we all got trays of cookies though!
The prize was a cute mug filled with treats and a whiskey flavored chocolate bar.
Saw it at target and had to have it. haha.thebusybudgetingmama-whiskeycookieexchange9I usually get trays but couldn’t find any cute ones this year that were big enough!
So instead we used these big paper platters from Walmart to load up cookies on!
Used the CLING saran wrap to send them home!  it’s amazing.
why did I ever buy the other kind???

I loved the variety of cookies we ended up with!
Thankful for a night of friendship and fun.
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Throw your own party!!
Doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money to pull together something fun
for your friends and family to enjoy!
my instant download cookie exchange printable package

Back to School Printables- Discount CODE!

It is back to school time! We start on monday!
Sophia is going to be in first grade… I can’t believe it.
Sienna starts pre-k the first week of september.
We are all really excited. They have been asking if
it’s “new school time” since about a day into summer. ;)

To celebrate, I’m having a sale in my printable shop!
to get 25% OFF your entire printable order

All of my printables are currently immediate downloads
so you can start on your crafting gifting

I did a fun Back to School Play Date at an IKEA event last year.. check it out!BACK TO SCHOOL-THEBUSYBUDGETINGMMA3

You can check out all of my back to school printables HERE.

My Girls’ Behavior Chart Printable

I created this behavior chart for my girls because I
was needing something visual to motivate them to be good.
My girls are really into picking who they are gonna be, in books…shows…pretend
play with their toys… so I put a princess that looked like each of them on the chart.
It was a hit! Immediate ownership of ‘their’ chart. And Sophia
who did a similar ‘green yellow red chart’ in preschool, gave Sienna
the run down on how it works. ;)behavior chart-thebusybudgetingmamaSince it has been working so well…I decided to make a couple options
and list them in my shop in case you would want to try it out too!
behavior chart2-thebusybudgetingmama

I created a princess in training and superhero in training printable and added it to my shop.
You’ll get SIX files. One version is the horizontal kind I printed out and used… the other is a vertical one where you don’t have to cut the paper. I made mine with the horizontal format because I wanted it to fill up more of my magnetic board and so I could use the magnets I already had!

I have our behavior chart on their magnet board in the “kid area” of our family room.
The magnet board is from IKEA. (The don’t sell it in white anymore..but have silver!)
If you need magnets try IKEA or the dollar store or…
sounds crazy but the gas station off big highways usually have fun ones!
Let your kids pick their own magnet or go to the craft station
and make some cute name ones!
I had these ikea magnets already so I just printed their names and sealed with
laminate sheets for protection. I sealed the entire printable with laminate
sheets so that it would be more durable for my girls. behavior chart3-thebusybudgetingmama

For the horizontal format I printed the additional colors and laminated them as well…
using packing tape on the backside to seal them together.
(The vertical format I have included in the package is a
smaller version so you don’t have to do the extra printing + taping.)behavior chart4-thebusybudgetingmama

Here is the entire printable package that I created and made available.behavior chart5-thebusybudgetingmama

Here are my cuties and fiesty little
sweeties that inspired this project ;)
They both got REALLY into it.behavior chart6-thebusybudgetingmama

The first morning at breakfast they were cheering “yesss we’re still in green!”
They had been up for 30 minutes…I would hope they would still be in green.
For consequences we usually say they aren’t able to go on the next daddy date, or they aren’t allowed to do something we had planned that day as a special treat.. like painting or going to get ice cream etc…
One day it was an especially hard day..and they weren’t
allowed to sing frozen songs ALL DAY. It was brutal.
Sometimes they lose a toy for that’ll have to figure
out what works best as a consequence!
behavior chart7-thebusybudgetingmama

Most of the time they play well together…
But they are sisters.. and almost 6 and almost 4. So battles are bound to happen.
Some more often than my sanity can handle. This printable has helped curb the craziness!behavior chart8-thebusybudgetingmama

Hope this helps motivating your little ones to be the
sweet angels we know they can be! ;)


I have reopened my Etsy Shop, Pretty Paperie Printables, and
made all of my printables Immediate Downloads so you don’t have
to wait on me and can get right to the fun crafting and gifting!
You know get ALL of the styles instead of having to select two.
You can print as many as you want and hand write the names on
them so you can use for multiple occasions. Once you purchase,
your printables will be available instantly through a link.
(once payment is made.) I hope that you are happy I opened my
shop back up..because it took me FOREVER getting the designs
ready for you to download!  haha.
I’ll be adding more of my printables as I can!

Use code FALLISFUN01 to get 40% off your order.
You MIGHT also get a fun little coupon in your e-mail after you order. wink wink.
Share the code and printable fun with your friends!
I’m excited to offer 6-12 different printables in each of the
treat bag tag listings! lots of fun patterns to choose and print from!
If you want to check out my Halloween Selection…CLICK HERE
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DIY Halloween Banners and Prints as well… I blogged about them last year!

IF you want to check out my Christmas Selection…CLICK HERE!
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I have a few thanksgiving ones too..but I kinda am in
love with my Christmas ones.
I have a really fun Reindeer Noses one that would be
fun as a Christmas Party favor!

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