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DIY Inspiration for my TV Cabinet Play Kitchen

In our new house we have a room designated for toys. An official play room!
and It really bugs me that the play kitchen area doesn’t have a fridge and more countertop space… ;) JK. But really, I love watching the kids use their imaginations and play together. They love playing kitchen and I love getting crafty so I knew I wanted to try and find an old TV Cabinet to make over and give them more play area to pretend in! I really want to add a laundry set up too, since micah constantly talks about washing doggie (his stuffed animal that goes EVERYWHERE with us. and gets bathed as much as my kids.) I would love to have a market set up too.. and let them practice using their money and buying the ingredients. I just love the whole idea of fostering this type of real life pretend play!

So here’s our sweet baby that we picked up off craigslist for $20. It was listed for $35 and Ben thinks we could have gotten it cheaper, but I didn’t want to haggle any less than that because I felt it was worth it. It’s sturdy and the perfect bones for this project!

Maybe you have thought about taking on this type of project too!
Here’s some inspiration for the both of us!
play kitchen inspiration-thebusybudgetingmama

First one is by a local Charlotte girl who I love following on instagram!
Charming Charlotte created this adorable kitchen for her little girl!
I think I need to add on the ironing board to ours…so cute!

I ADORE this bakery set up by My Simple Obsession. So chic!
My girls would flip over the cookie sheets. I’m going to stop by my dollar tree and grab some for their kitchen for sure! Perfect for them to pop their felt cookies in the oven on!

Love this cute bright play kitchen by Debbie for eHow!
Check out her post for what’s on the other side! soo cute!

Love this one by Giggleberry Creations.
My girls think it’s so fun to have both the fridge and freezer.
I can’t wait to see them put their food away in theirs!
(Yay for hiding all the play food!)

The light above is just too much! Andrea Dekker created this one for her little girl.
My girls would love this. I love the magnetic door too. That would be used for playing house and playing school… they take turns being the teacher and
I can see them using that as the lesson board ;) I overhear them saying things
I have heard grandma say to them. hehe. so cute.
10761336596_197f7c1af0 (1)

I love this play kitchen by Sutton Grace.
The color is fun..the nice countertop space…
and the “stainless steel appliances” are so cute!

This play kitchen by Southern Revivals is absolutely adorable!
love it all especially the chalkboard door and the magnet sheets on the fridge!

I hope you are feeling inspired!
I can’t wait to share how our DIY Play kitchen comes a long!

Easter 2015 Memories

EASTER 2015-1
I love Easter and the special feeling of hope and love that it brings out of us!
Thankful for my family and where we are today. Last easter, I was a month out of the hospital and the future was so unsure. But a year under our belt, and another baby in my belly haha, and I am just so thankful for where we are. Who knows what the future holds..but this Easter weekend was so sweet for my soul. Thankful for Jesus’ amazing love and sacrifice for us. Ben and I watched the A.D. Episode that aired on Easter sunday and it’s just incredible to think about how much Christ suffered. He knew it was coming.. and yet He chose us. He chose suffering for us. blows my mind.. and makes me want to be deserving of that love and love Him in return in everything that I do. choose Him right back.
EASTER 2015-2

I took a much needed unpacking break for some easter egg fun with these cuties!
We colored baby wipes with markers and wrapped them around eggs with rubber brands.
Couldn’t be more happy with how they turned out! It was so fun doing it with the girls. (Micah was napping) and then Easter morning we unwrapped the dried wipe covered eggs and discovered our pretty creations! They loveddd it.EASTER 2015-3

The Easter bunny hid eggs in their ben and I woke up to giggles and screams as they found them. Micah was so funny..instead of finding all the eggs he just plopped down and ate the jelly beans inside one egg discovery at a time haha. His mouth was full like a little chipmunk. hence the photo below…haha.EASTER 2015-4

The Easter bunny left some goodies at our house!
Little bunnies for each kid and a note (WITH A PAW PRINT-KIDS FREAKED) That asked them to take care of the bunny and his or her bunny’s name. Fluffy, Cuddles + Whiskers.
We left out wrapped presents for the girls to take to church. (sticker books)
(The bunny got the baskets at target a couple years ago.
Most things in this photo he picked up at target at some point. ;)
EASTER 2015-12

a good dose of sugar before church! yum! ;)
EASTER 2015-13

The girls were actually little angels at church! Micah was good…
hamming it up for the overcrowded standing room only back of church.
He thought they were an audience/obstacle course.
(The girls’ dresses are from target. Mine is from old navy I think?? last year.)
Stretching it out a little with my bump ha!
EASTER 2015-15

After naps we headed to my parent’s house for an early dinner and egg hunt!
Before Pinterest, their was my mom! She decorated the kid table so cute!
EASTER 2015-8

We had a feast! I brought the broccoli cauliflower salad and the rice crispy nests.
I thought they balanced each other out ;)
(The cute Easter Story paper dolls in the front were the ones the boy cousins made
with grandma earlier in the week. I shared a link and the girls’ set in the last post!)
Grandma made the best cupcakes. Sophia brought them up today saying she thinks she should open a bakery haha.
EASTER 2015-9

I think they were ready for the egg hunt…… haha. (sienna’s nose kills me.)
We let the little ones out first..and they randomly sat down and posed for photos on the step.
It was hilarious! Little hams.
EASTER 2015-6

haha grandpa snapped a behind the scenes shot ;)
EASTER 2015-14

These kiddos had a great day. I threw up later that night but I made it through
the day feeling pretty good! Baby #4 just wanted to make his or her presence known ;)
Loved seeing their smiley faces all day and their
sleeping sweet faces after their sugar crash that night.
EASTER 2015-7

Watch out flying eggs!EASTER 2015-11

Sienna and Nico bunkered down to check out their loot.EASTER 2015-5

The Charlotte cousins. Micah hoarding all the IKEA stuffed animals. best we could do haha.EASTER 2015-10

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend with loved ones
and realize how much Christ loves you!
Thanks for checking out our weekend!

Checking in- Life Lately

Life has been busy and blogging had to be set aside these past few weeks while I get through these sick days of my pregnancy! They have been pretty brutal with nausea. Horrible reactions to different drugs. getting the stomach bug on top of already puking non stop…ended up in the hospital. bags of fluid helped so much to get back on track. (best hours of my life haha.) But I’m already feeling the nausea less than I did two weeks ago…soooo seeing a light at the end of the tunnel! I’ll be 15 weeks on tuesday..and I usually start feeling better around 17. so..home stretch! Praying for a happy healthy baby and feeling lots of cute baby flutters soon! My sister and sister in laws are all pregnant too…it’s been fun sharing this!
Last week I grabbed a couple basic shirts on sale for my expanding belly at target..this fringe kimono was too comfy to pass on! Goes perfectly with my BLANQI Highwaist Maternity and Postpartum Leggings. These babies are so comfy..they lift and smooth your bump. I’m not even bragging on my sister and sabina for designing them…they are just amazing I would wear them even if she didn’t drop them off at my house haha. perk of sisterhood! ;)
ps. micah isn’t falling. lol. he hopped right off and hammed it up in the mirror.
this boy is non stop mover and shaker.

We’ve also been busy moving!!
We moved 22 minutes further south to rock hill south carolina!
Loving it and getting settled. Unpacking a lot slower than usual for me….
But I think it’s because of micah’s age and me being so sick and fatigued pregnant.
Hoping nesting kicks in so we can get this house pulled together.thebusybudgetingmama-lifelately2

Thankful for my family not too far away….
for a yard these littles can run around in…and paper products. haha.
Below was our first meal in the house. They were bouncing off the walls with excitement. ;)

We’ve also been busy launching our new website for HAPPY MOMMY BOX.
YES. all at the same time. We like a little crazy in our life :)
I’m so excited about what we have been working on…and finally sharing it!
New shop items to celebrate motherhood…a build a box option…
themed boxes, (the grief and loss box-pictured below- is so special to me!)
We also have a fun announcement coming soon!
Check out our new site and let me know what you think! It’s been so fun seeing the boxes people are building..for themselves or special mamas in their lives! I love seeing the hubbies being tagged on our instagram feed for mother’s day reminders hehe.thebusybudgetingmama-lifelately

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!!
Here’s a fun craft that my mom did with the cousins yesterday….
you can get the free printable at!
We’ve been reading the story (print out comes with it) and acting it out all afternoon!

Thanks for following..and for the patience as we get settled over here.
So excited to share some of the new spaces here and more fun projects we are working on!

Spontaneous Tea Parties

Sometimes we can get so busy with our to do lists that we push aside time for friendship and making special memories with our kiddos. You are making memories with your kids all day long… sock pairing party…popsicles outside on the porch. Every little random moment in the day can be made special. But I wanted to set aside some time to do something EXTRA special with Sienna. And I also wanted to reach out to a friend to get together. I kept putting it off because life was so busy..but you know what…life isn’t slowing down anytime soon. So sometimes you just have to randomly text your friend the night before and invite them over for a tea party! I invited my sister and my niece too! Everyone was up for an after nap tea time ;)
After Church on Sunday, Sienna Micah and I ran over to target to grab a few tea party essentials! I loved seeing sienna be so excited about setting up her table and picking all the pink treats. We hit the end caps of the aisles for the clearance items! Polka dot balloons for the win! 

Sienna was so excited to set up her table. When we were at target, after getting the treats, She said, “ok… now we need to talk decorations.” (with hands clasped together) haha.. hmm she is definitely my daughter. I kind of was loving it. But also helped her see we didn’t need much.. just some pretty plates and napkins and some polka dot balloons! We grabbed up the $1 hello kitty bracelets for each of the girls. I loved seeing her set her table and be so giddy for her friends and cousin to arrive. Violette brought her flowers…they were so adorable together.

We used the green toys tea set that we already had… ben and I gave it to the girls’ for christmas this year! love love the set. We use water for our tea parties. because there is a lot of spillage going on. :) I was told multiple times by sienna with her loud whisper, “this is the best tea party everrrrr!!”
Made my mama heart happy. (the container holding the marshmallows is plastic and from target. love it for the littles because they feel so fancy using it but it’s also safe and not fragile! highly recommend it if you are going to host kid get togethers!)teapartyfun3-thebusybudgetingmama

Micah was ALL ABOUT the tea party too. he was a little upset we were short a seat. But we let him get in on the tea cup holding and drinking. and sienna the hostess helped him to some marshmallows and cookies. Doggie came to the tea party for a bit.
and kept licking all the giggly guests. ;)


After our smashing tea party, we all walked to the park for play time. My mom came to the tea party too.. it was fun having some time to talk with adults…and let the littles play. Sometimes we need that more than a clean house or empty laundry baskets.
I think these spontaneous tea parties are going to be a regular thing for us.
Sophia was out of town for this one (in philly with ben visiting grandma b!)
I told her we will have one before we move to the new house.
Which is in a couple weeks….. I should be packing.
Have a wonderful day! and remember to soak up
your sweeties and give yourself grace. You are doing a great job!

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