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DIY Cardboard Fairy House Tutorial

We threw our girls’ a Fairy Birthday Party this past weekend!
One of my favorite details of the party was the Cardboard Fairy House I made for them!


I can’t wait to share more details of the party, but I thought it would be fun to do a video tutorial on the Cardboard Fairy House first! I have made different cardboard creations over the years..and they are a hit every time! I’m sure your littles will have fun with this too!


Two cute fairies flapping away!!
(dresses from target)


It’s an easy, fun and affordable DIY project that’s perfect at making
a play date, party or rainy day extra special!


Cardboard Boxes (I used 4 large from lowes and one small from home..along with part of another box I had for the roof! – use the corner/bend for the roof)
Zip Ties
Paint (I found a small can in the as is section at Lowes)
Utility Knife
Packing Tape
Scissors or screw driver (to poke holes for zip ties)
Flowers/Flower Garlands (I got mine during the end of summer clearance at joanns.)
Hula Table Skirt (I got mine during the end of summer clearance at party city)

Build and Cut Boxes.. attaching with zip ties.
Tape Flowers/Grass Roof


I grabbed up a couple cute butterflies at Michael’s during their end of summer sale!
They are made to hang from the ceiling.


The fairy house has moved to the other wall of our family room…
and will probably be there a while ;) It’s awesome at keeping them entertained!


Sophia and Sienna are 15 days from being exactly 2 years apart so
they have always had a joint birthday party. I know it won’t always be like this,
but for now they love it… and so do we!!


The next tutorial will be the tissue paper flowers!
I have a gazillion requests via social media for a’s coming!
SO EASY and fun to make… it’ll be one you won’t want to miss!



Full Fairy Birthday Party Post coming soon!!!
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and Cardboard Sweetopia Village!

Cute Hot Dog Sugar Cookies

This past fourth of July I was in charge of bringing some desserts for our family’s cook out! I had seen this idea on pinterest months ago and knew I wanted to try it!
These Hot Dog Sugar Cookies would be perfect for a summer backyard cook out
or a baseball party or shower theme! They are just really fun and festive.


Ben was counting down till the #pinterestfail moment to happen with this one…
Which..yes… it happened. haha.
These look nothing like the photo I saw on pinterest. I think it’s because I used store bought sugar cookie dough instead of making from scratch.
Mine ended up much flatter and longer than the image I saw.
But I was happy with how they ended up! And they were EASY and
FAST to make. Which was perfect because
I had no time and little fireworks crazed kids at my ankles.

STEP ONE - make the dough and form little “bun” looking
cookies with an indent for the hot dog
STEP TWO – add some red food coloring to a portion of the
sugar cookie dough to make the hot dogs.
STEP THREE – Form red dough into hot dogs and place on the buns!
STEP FOUR – use a knife to draw lines at the end of the hot dogs
for the casing. It just looks more real.
STEP FOUR – Bake as directed, but keep an eye on them
so they don’t go too brown, also if they flatten out, like they did for me…. just pull them out and use a knife to smoosh the sides back into each other to form the bun again.
I did that a couple times and it ended up being fine!
NOT like the pictures I saw on pinterest..but this is how it worked for me and a bag of store bought cookie dough. It works but you have to smoosh them back together occasionally so they harden in that shape. (even after you pull them out of the oven)
STEP FIVE – Once the cookies cool down, use yellow frosting to add some mustard to your cookies. You could also use coconut for onions and red icing for ketchup!
I used the cake mate icing tube from the grocery store instead of making my own (saved time and dirty dishes) and put on one of my decorating tips to get the size I wanted.


Tag me on instagram if you ever end up making these!!
would love to see :)
The little cousins loved them but so did the adults!

Our $40 Gallery Wall – IKEA Basement Makeover Detail

This project was EASY and INEXPENSIVE.
I loved how I got a big bang for my buck.
It’s one of my favorite details of our IKEA Basement Makeover.
I used engineer prints from staples and frames from IKEA to make my
gallery wall. In my post I’ll show you how I ordered them and then how I easily
cut and hung them! This project comes together FAST and you will get lots
of comments on your pretty pictures!

First things first. I threw clothes on my children and snapped some photos in the
backyard with my canon rebel t1i camera. When turning your photos black and white,
it’s easier to make your kids’ outfits “coordinate!” I then uploaded to my computer and,
in photoshop, turned them black and white using one of my favorite pioneer
woman photoshop actions. You can use any photo editing software you like!
Don’t have photoshop?
I know a lot of people who use picmonkey.

Then I hopped onto to upload and order my Engineer Prints!
I needed them THAT DAY. So I called my staples first to make sure they could
get them to me in time. I highly suggest calling your staples to make sure they have
the right printer. Where we used to live, the closest staples didn’t have the right
printer so I had to order from a different staples.

I ordered the middle size – 24″ x 36″
I have ordered the larger prints before, but they were a little blurry and
I also didn’t have a frame that size..and didn’t like the
mod podge to foam board look in the end.
I was REALLY happy with the quality of this size.

When you go to upload your photos you’ll have to do them
in black and white to get the cheap price.
That’s why I already had mine ready to go. Just upload and choose the orientation.
You can order multiple copies of the same or just get one of each like I did.
then add to cart and order for pickup at your local staples!

The engineer prints come like this…
I learned that higher the contrast in the photo you upload, the better the print.
This is a phone photo.. but if you watch the video HERE you’ll
be able to see the images really popped!

You’ll need scissors and tape to trim the photos to fit your IKEA frames.
SAXNAS Frame – 19 3/4″ x 27 1/2″

This trick is brought to you by my husband.

he’s so smart.
Unwrap your frame and place the filler paper on top of your engineer print.
Tape a few places (4) so that the papers don’t wiggle around.
then just cut around and get your perfect fit!

ta daa! It now will fit PERFECTLY into your frame. no eyeballing…
no trimming too much or too little! easy and fast.
 This frame from IKEA is not only inexpensive, but it’s so easy to put together.
I also love how the front is plastic and not glass. It looks good but is safe for
my little ones to run wild underneath (neverrr happens)
and accidently bump them. (nevver will happen.)
Sophia and Sienna actually helped me put together the backs of the frames.
They thought it was the coolest thing ever.

I’m so happy with how the gallery wall turned out in our Basement space.
To see the full basement reveal (a fun video included!)
checkout our IKEA Basement Makeover Post.
If you have any questions comment below!

The Busy Budgeting Mama

VLOG- Step by Step Tutorial: How I Edit my Phone Photos

I love my phone and snapping photos with it!
It only takes a few steps with my favorite photo editing apps to tweak
them and make them photos I want to print, frame and enjoy!


I’ve shared my favorite photo apps before, But I thought
it would be helpful if I did a step by step video tutorial on how I
like to use each app to edit my photos!
Favorite Apps- Snapseed and Afterlight.
If I want to add text- A Beautiful Mess.
If I want to make a grouping of photos- PicFrame
I have a dslr camera and love it…
but sometimes, with life so busy, it’s easier to snap some
shots with my phone for blog posts and then edit them on my phone.
With some simple edits they look great!
Sometimes the photos don’t need much editing…
while others need a few more steps to make them just right.
Try out the apps and mess around with the different
options to find your favorite edits!
My video tutorial below, will share a few of my favorite
features in Snapseed and Afterlight!

photo (1)

Hope these tips are helpful for you. If you don’t have time to
watch the video now.. PIN IT and watch it later! :)
You’ll be happy to have these tricks on hand to make your
phone photos bright, crisp and pretty!


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see more of my photos!

The Busy Budgeting Mama

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