What kind of camera do you use for the photos in your posts?
I have a canon rebel t1i and love it, but a lot of my photos I share, LATELY, are taken with my iPhone!

What editing software do you use?
When editing photos from my digital camera, I use photoshop. I love actions. Pioneer Woman has some great free sets! I also always play with the levels, curves and shadows and highlights. The burn and clone tools are my best friends.

How do you Edit your iPhone Photos?
I made a video tutorial showing step by step how I edit my photos! My favorite apps are Snapseed and Afterlight. I also love moreBeaute2 and Retouch.

I’m wanting to start or build my blog, how did you grow your blog following?
When I first started blogging I blogged regularly and did a lot of link ups and commenting! Connecting with other bloggers and tapping into the community is key in getting your blog out there! Answering e-mails and making connections with followers is important! BE YOU. People are drawn to authentic voices. Pinterest is a magic worker: Create graphics that are pinnable. Check out My Steps and Tips to Start a Blog Post and Start a Blog Pep Talk Vlog.

What makeup do you use?
You can take a look into my makeup bag here or my favorite beauty items…But my mascara is maybelline full n’ soft in very black and I love the benefit play sticks for foundation. love love it.
How do you do your hair when you have a sock bun?
I have a secret weapon..got it at H&M.. it’s an upgrade from the sock bun. The scratchy material holds your hair better. Also dirty hair works best.. with suave dry shampoo in it.

Where is your green trellis rug from?

Where are all of your gallery wall frames from?
They are mainly all from IKEA but mixed in are some fromes from michael’s, thrifted, big lots and the dollar store!

Where are your grey sofas from?

Where is your black and white stripe rug from?
IKEA. A long with 95% of the home decor we own. 

What religion are you?
We are Catholic!

Who is Shannon?
My best friend from high school. You can read more about the amazing person she was and her story, here. She was killed through an act of domestic violence. She was an amazing mother and friend and her story of strength, faith and forgiveness is giving strength to many in the same situation as her. We all miss her terribly.

Do you want to have more kids?
Ben and I both come from big families and love it. We would love to have more children, God willing! {I seriously need some more grace from God if that happens!} But I remember when we had 1 baby..so hard, then gets easier.. 2 babies..so hard, then gets easier.. 3 babies.. so hard, then gets easier. I’m seeing a pattern here. ;) We did not have a third baby to try for a boy…but we are happy we got one :) Would love to have a little sister or brother for Micah! It’s so amazing seeing their personalities blossom and their friendships with each other. Motherhood is hard, messy, beautiful and so rewarding!



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